UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun Update

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UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun Update

A recent news release has further confirmed Jeff Compoc’s March, 2011 blog concerning the UTS-15 tactical shotgun, plus provided a little more info.

In case you missed Compoc’s entry, the UTS-15 tactical shotgun is a close-quarters 12 ga. pump action shotgun with two 7-round alternately feeding or selectable magazine tubes; it measures 28.3” in overall length with a 18.5” barrel, chambers for 2 3/4” and 3” magnum ammunition. It weighs in at 6.9 lbs as a result of it being constructed primarily of fiber reinforced injection molded polymer (over 80-percent) and 100-percent polymer receiver. The shotgun requires no tools for field stripping, which takes about 60 seconds.

A top mounted picatinny rail will allow for mounting both iron and optical sights; coupled with Beretta style barrel threading for choke tubes makes the UTS-15 an incredibly versatile shotgun (sights and choke tube pictured not included). An optional built-in LED spotlight and laser night-sight provides point-and-shoot night-fighting capability.

Currently manufactured in Turkey and being sold to the civilian market outside the U.S., the shotgun will be available stateside in late spring once production in the U.S. is underway. MSRP is expected to be around $1,200.

Between the KSG and UTS-15, which way are you leaning?



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