US Optics SN4 DFP (Dual Focal Plane)

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New US Optics SN-4 DFP

Premier optics maker, US Optics has a new addition to their SN-4 line of optics which will sport a new and very welcomed feature.  We stated in our review of the SN-4 that while it was the finest optic we’ve handled, it still didn’t replace the CQB effectiveness of a red dot–USO seems to have rectified that.  The new USO SN-4 DFP (Dual Focal Plane) features a two focal planes for different applications combined in one optic.  The rear focal plane will contain the CQB reticule which will act like a red dot and be visible during day light.  The other focal plane, or First Focal Plane will stay proportionate to the target at any magnification level.

I can’t wait to see what reticules US Optics will offer with their new DFP SN-4s.  I’m sure it’ll be like all their scopes in which they offer the customers the choice of which reticule they’ld like.  Everything that I’ve handeled from US Optics has been pure gold from the optical clarity of the glass to the seemingly indestructibility of the construction so I have no doubts that their new DFP scopes will continue that standard.  It’ll be nice to have a  dual purpose optic without having to obtain a “chin weld” on your stock (as you have to do with a combined red dot with scope).

The new DFP scopes should be out soon (they’re not listed on their website as of yet) and will have a price tag that will reflect their superiority.  The SN4- 1-4x DFP mil shown below will have a MSRP of $1640.  The DFP option will also be available for the USO 1.5-6x SN-4 as well which is probably going to cost a tad more.


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