Modular Driven Technologies Tac-21 Remington 700 Chasis

There are plenty of aftermarket accessories for the Remington 700; there are even more for the AR-15.  So combining these two platforms could lead to an endless amount of configurations, and that’s where the MDT TAC-21 comes in.  Modular Driven Technologies’ TAC-21 chassis for the Remington 700 short action is a Remington 700 stock system that will allow a 700 owner to put almost any AR buttstock and pistol grip they wish on their bolt action rifle.  Want to put a Magpul PRS on your Remington 700?  Want a detachable magazine or a Hogue pistol grip?  The MDT TAC-21 will probably be your best bet.

The MDT TAC-21 can accept any AR-15 buttstock and grip.  It also uses AICS 5 and 10 round magazines.  Its a drop in system that will accept any Remington 700 short action, no word on a long action model yet so you .300 win mag owners will just have to wait.  A free-floating barrel design helps with providing extra accuracy.  The TAC-21 has a full length 1913 picatinny rail up top that has a built in 20 MOA cant.  There’s sections on the chassis where a shooter can place extra pincatinny rails on if he/she wishes.  The TAC-21 also features buttstock adapters that can allow an owner to quickly swap out different buttstocks.

TAC-21 Review

All these features do come at a price.  The current price for the TAC-21 is $850 at and that’s without a buttstock or grip.  So if you’re looking to add the popular Magpul PRS stock and grip look at tacking on 300 more bucks to that which puts the total a little bit higher than another popular Remington 700 chassis, the AICS stock.  From the looks of it, the stock looks like a prime option for shooters looking to upgrade their Remington 700.  Its the closest thing I’ve seen to the ridiculously awesome looking MSR chassis that Remington is pitching the to military.  The only thing I would change, from judging by the pictures, is the safety cut out–it looks almost worthless, which would be somewhat of a concern for me if I couldn’t engage or disengage the safety.  Hopefully can acquire one for a full review.  For the time being, check the promotional video below for the Modular Driven Technologies’ TAC-21.



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AICS in Multicam

Spotted at Shot Show, the Accuracy International booth had some very awesome tactical artwork painted on their guns–complete with the Multicam (r) logo and everything.  I asked the representative there if they’re commercially available, and he replied “not yet;” yet being the keyword here.

Accuracy International put the stocks out as a “feeler” to see what kind of reaction they would get.  Well, from the looks of it, I’m willing to bet Accuracy International will be releasing these beauties.  I asked if AI received overwhelmingly positive feedback, how long would it be before I can drop my Remmy 700 short action in one.  Well, hopefully his answer is accurate because if all goes we could be seeing AICS stocks in Multicam by Summer.  For me, its like asking, how long did it take to figure out that peanut butter goes with jelly?  It just seems like a natural combination.

Check out the pictures below then vote in the poll.

ACIS in Suitcase

Multicam Sniper rifle

Multicam 700 stock

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Remington’s Response to CNBC’s Remington 700 Story

A few weeks ago, CNBC did a special called “Remington Under Fire;” which was about an alleged safety flaw with America’s most popular rifle, the Remington 700.  The premise of the story is that for years Remington knew about a deadly trigger flaw with the Remington 700.  Well, Remington has created a full rebuttal which is really hard to argue against.

I happened to watch the CNBC special the night it was released, and during the whole story I kept thinking that every one of the accidents they described could of been prevented by simply following the 10  commandments of gun safety.

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300 AAC Blackout Remington 700 Barrels now Available!

Remington 300 Blackout 700 Barrels 300 Blackout Remington 700 Barrel
The 300 BLK barrels for the Rem 700/Model-7 are available. They are 16″, 1:8 twist, Nitride finish, threaded 5/8-24 and come as pictured with thread protector. Retail is $400.

Usually it’s DPMS who releases the new ammunition barrels and accessories first within the freedom group but this time it’s Remington with the 700/Model-7 and Bushmaster with the rumors we reported about the ACR possibly coming with the 300 Blackout ACR.

(source AAC Blog)

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