Bushmaster .308 ORC Review

Bushmaster .308 ORC Carbine Review


The AR is America’s favorite carbine; the AR might as well stand for America’s Rifle.  Every time I go to the range, I’m seeing more and more shooters trying out their newly purchased AR.  Decking them out head to toe with optics, lights, grips and whatever else they can fit on the rails, whether if it’s practical or just tacti-cool—the AR is the carbine platform of choice for shooters across the country.  With the continuous popularity of this carbine, we’re seeing an endless variety of accessories, and even a vast selection of versions of the AR platform itself.

Well what about those who want a little more UMPH, or a little bit of a longer reach than what the .223/5.56 NATO in the standard AR-15 is able to deliver?  While keeping the classic profile of the AR-15, Bushmaster has released a .308 version of their popular ORC (Optics Ready Carbine) specifically for those wanting that longer reach and that more powerful punch.

New ORC .308 by Bushmaster

I realize our contributor Josh Silverman did an excellent and thorough review on the DPMS .308 A4 (and almost everything said in that article could be said about DPMS’s sister company’s Bushmaster .308 ORC.  I know it seems that October is quickly turning into AR-10 month at Gunblog.com, but we feel the Bushmaster ORC deserves its own review considering the are a lot of AR-10 shooters that were anticipating Bushmaster releasing the ORC in .308.  I was excited to get this entry level AR-10 expecting it was going to be a good starter .308 rifle, and after doing the review, I’m more anxious to develop/upgrade it to become a superb and more personalized rifle.

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