Supreme Court rules against Chicago Handgun Ban

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Chicago Handgun Ban Stopped

Today, the Supreme Court decided that Americans have the right to own a gun for self-defense, no matter where they live in America.    The decision came from a 5-4 vote on the McDonald vs. Chicago.  Chicago has had a 30 year band on hand-guns, and the Supreme Court’s decision could effectively make that law “unenforceable,” according the Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

With the decisions regarding Washington D.C.’s and Chicago’s  handgun bans to be unconstitutional, combined with allowing concealed weapons in National Parks, it seems that gun rights advocates are putting some wins in their columns.

Hopefully with this recent decision, many states will be forced to review their current gun laws.  Granted, the decision does not strike down any current gun laws in place; however, it paves the legal road in favor for the 2nd amendment proponents.  The decision will allow States who have restrictive gun laws (i.e. California) to be forced to review the laws, and will certainly have the law challenged by gun advocacy groups within their state.  Maybe in the near future we might actually see a firearms dealer on sell to a resident in California.

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