Steyr to bring the S-A1 and M-A1 pistols to the United States

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Steyr Arms has decided to start again importing (or should I say exporting) their M-A1 and S-A1 pistol lines starting this August.  Since the recent rise of the dollar vs. the Euro, and a bulk buying agreement with Austria, Steyr sees that importing the pistol again could prove to be profitable (they previously stopped importing the pistols because they felt with the disparity between the dollar and the euro that their pistol line could not be competitive in the United States).

Steyr will offer the M-A1 and S-A1 in 9mm and .40 S&W. The 9mm M-A1 will feature a 15 round magazine and the .40 will have a 12 round magazine.  While the S-A1 will have 10 rounds available in each model.

Both models have a picatinny rail for mounting a light or laser, ergonomic grip (the S-A1 seems to be a little bit more ergonomic), very low profile, and a mounting point for a sling on the handle.

For me, the Steyr S-A1 looks like a beautiful pistol, and the two features that I like the most has to be the conversion kit, and the low profile–I always try to get my grip on my pistol as high as possible to try to create the most resistance possible to avoid muzzle climb.  From the pictures it seems that this will be easier to do on the Steyr S-A1 or M-A1 than other models out there.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and tell all of the readers about it.

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