Steyr SSG 08 now in .338 Lapua Magnum

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Steyr SSG 08 .338 LapuaThe Steyr SSG 08 have been making a name for itself with long range shooters because of their out of the box features and sub MOA accuracy, and now the Steyr SSG  08 is going to be available in the extremely popular .338 Lapua Magnum.  Steyr’s are in Europe what the Remington 700s are in America (this is partly due to the famous Austrian special police unit, COBRA, having the SSG specifically designed to their specs).  The .338 is rapidly growing to be THE tactical long range round, and combine that with the awesomeness of the Steyr SSG, and you have a combo made for sniper heaven.

A prototype of the .338 Steyr SSG 08 was unvieled at the 2010 NRA Annual Meeting.  Steyr put it through a 10,000 round endurance and reliability test to ensure the .338 SSG was ready to display to the world–and at around 5-6 dollar retail per .338, that was one helluva expensive test!

The .338 Steyr SSG 08 will share the some of the same characteristics of its soon to be inferior chambered brethren SSG 08s to include a fully adjustable skeletonized stock, a built in bi-pod adapter, a 20 moa base for mounting your optics, and Steyr’s Safe Bolt System action.  The difference would be in the cold hammer-forged barrel which will be 27.17 inches and have a 1:9 twist rate which should be able to stabilize a 300 gr .338 Lapua.  The .338 Steyr SSG 08 will also include a newly designed, buffed up bipod.  Click “Read More” for stats.

 .338 Lapua Steyr SSG

I’m extremely excited to see Steyr take this direction with the SSG 08.  The one thing I’m not too excited about will to see that price tag.  The Steyr SSG 08 in .308 or .300 win mag cost about $5,900 dollars, the .338 is going to cost around $6,800.   Hopefully, the Steyr SSG 04 will be available in .338 in the future as well, since that’s the rifle which is on my short list to buy–as soon as the Colonel (aka the wife) approves of its acquisition.  The Steyr SSG 08 in .338 should be available towards the end of the summer, probably around July or August.

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