Special Edition Firearms

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Special Edition Firearms

Sometimes the crafty marketing teams of various firearms manufacturers will put out a limited first edition or some sort of special edition of one of their firearms. The difference between the limited edition and regular production model can be something as small as stamping First Edition somewhere on the frame, or it could include any number of extras that would be hard to find or not available anywhere else.

Due to the limited nature of these firearms many people will choose to keep their weapon pristine; they will view it as an investment piece to be looked at and touched, but not fired. One such example could include the Winchester Model 94 Crazy Horse Commemorative .38-55 .


Some limited editions, like the Walther PPQ First Edition which features a threaded barrel and night sights, entice the owner to fire the weapon.

 How many people out there are interested in limited edition firearms? Are you interested in them from the collection perspective, or for the extra goodies?



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