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Sig556 Russian

Well we finally got to see Sigs new 556 in 7.62×39, named the Sig556R, or Sig 556 Russian.  If you’re thinking its just a Sig556 that’s shooting the Russian 7.62×39 round, well you would be right.  Basically that’s all it is.  Sig Sauer touts the main feature of the SIG556R is that the rifle still embraces the dependability of the 7.62×39 cartridge while improving on its accuracy by putting it in the SIG556 platform.

The Sig556R features a 2-stage trigger, a M1913 on top of the upper receiver for mounting optics, a telescoping stock that can be folded to bring down the total length of the SIG556R from 36″ to 26″.  The 16″ barrel features four-groove rifling and a twist rate of 1:9.5.”  Just like other SIG556, the SIG556R also has an adjustable gas system.

I think for civilians it provides a great cost effective way to shoot a carbine.  You can find 7.62×39 in bulk 440 cans for around $90, which is basically more than half the cost of .223.  I’m interested to see how accurate the Sig556R is; I have no doubt that it’ll be more accurate than an AK-47 considering it has a two-stage trigger and the quality of the rifling.  However, we’ll just have to wait and see.  They SIG556R should be popping up in local gun shops soon with a price I would suspect to be around $1,200.  See below for pics and a short video.

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