Sig Sauer SIG556 7.62 x 39 Rifle

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New Sig556 7.62 ReviewSIG556 7.62
We just received word from Burgess Marketing that the Sig Sauer SIG556 chambered in 7.62 x 39 is indeed in the works and coming.  Word is that it will come standard with a rail system for optics and such which is good news as the current SIG556 lacks that.  The SIG556 7.62 will feature an AK-47 bolt supporting AK047 magazines.

Expect a few variations coming shortly after release but the standard offering will come with a 16″ barrel.  The new SIG556 7.62 will not be an AR based design and like the current SIG556 is based on the swiss 550/551 so expect it to be similar except for the rail system, bolt, and receiver.  This should be an excellent alternative to the Robinson Arms XCR 7.62 and my guess is a more refined and reliable weapon.

SIG556 7.62x39 New Rifle ReviewSigSauerGuns is reporting that the SIG556 in 7.62 will have an MSRP hovering in the 1500 – 1700 range. will have images later this month and keep you posted as more information arrives.  The images in this post are just speculative at this point showing a SIG556 with a rail system. The Sig556 7.62 x 39 should have a similar style to it.

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