Sig Sauer P224

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Sig Sauer P224

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The concealed carry movement isn’t slowing down, and neither is SIG Sauer’s Exeter, NH plant–they’re pumping out a new concealed carry pistol for 2012, the SIG P224.  In a nutshell, Sig pretty much cut off an inch from the front and the grip of their P226; in fact, that’s exactly what they did to prototype the idea.  The result is a sub-compact pistol that’s in between the size of a P226 and a P290.

Sig P224 Stainless

Any SIG owner, or frequent shooter of SIG’s P226 or P229 will be instantly familiar with the operation and features of the SIG P224.  The P224 will accept newer P229 magazines which will allow owners to carry a full capacity magazine as a spare, which a lot of concealed carry practitioners like to do. Sig’s new sub-compact will also feature full size SIGLITE night sights and a Double-Action-Only trigger.  Other common features include an overall length of 6.7″, overall height of 4.5″, overall width of 1.3″, a 3.5″ barrel length, and it weighs 24.5 ounces.  The SIG SAUER P224 will be available in 9mm, .40, and .357 SIG.  Suggested retail of the P224 is between $1,100-$1,200 depending on the model.

SIG will be putting out 4 different versions of the P224:

  • The SIG Anti-Snag (SAS) model features a de-horned slide and frame, and the new
    ergonomically enhanced one-piece grip. SIGLITE Night Sights will be standard in the Nitron®
    coated slide. The short-reset trigger (SRT) will be available in the DA/SA version.
  • A Nickel model will sport a black hard coat anodize frame as a contrast to the nickel slide and
    controls. Custom Hogue® G-10 grips and SIGLITE Night Sights round out this package.
  • As part of the Extreme family of handguns, the P224 will feature the distinctive black and grey
    Hogue Piranha grips, SIGLITE Night Sights and the SRT (in the DA/SA version).
  • The P224 Equinox® features the same two-tone accented Nitron slide treatment as the rest of the
    popular Equinox series. A Tru-Glo® fiber optic front sight is paired with a SIGLITE Night Sight in
    the rear. Nickel controls and Hogue black diamondwood grips make the P224 Equinox as striking
    as it is reliable.

See the video below for a quick look at the P224 at SHOT SHOW, along with some footage of me shooting it at the Media Day Range.

 Sig P224 SAS

P224 Equinox

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