Ruger Gunsite Scout Review by American Rifleman

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The NRA’s magazine, American Rifleman which is America’s original gun publication, has reviewed the much anticipated Ruger Scout.  Ruger has a lot firearms coming out this year that they can’t seem to make enough of.  Shooters are lucky if they see their new LC9 or the Scout in their local gun shops long enough to buy them; the newly released Ruger SR1911 will likely follow the same course.

From the article, it seems that Ruger can’t make the Scout fast enough to keep up with their customers’ demand.  I guess there are a lot of people out there who only need one rifle to do it all, which is Ruger’s catchphrase for their new Scout; “The one rifle if you can only have one.”   The review is well worth the read; it not only gives a great review, but a lot of insight into the development of the scout.

Many of the best innovations have resulted from gifted individuals pursuing the answer to one simple question: What if…? For the late Jeff Cooper, one such question took seed nearly a half-century ago and ran something along the lines of, “What if you found yourself in dire circumstances and could have only one rifle with which to provide meat for the table and, in a pinch, ensure your own defense?”

Brian Sheetz did a helluva write up.  Check out the full article at

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