Ruger 1911

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Ruger 1911 Photos

Another 1911 coming out this year, this time by Sturm Ruger.  There’s been a lot of anticipation about a Ruger 1911 and a fan of The Firearms Blog snapped a photo of the new Shooting Times magazine and shared the images with the world.  Not too many details but since its featured in this month’s Shooting Times, I’m sure its about to hit the gun shops soon.

The image in the banner is photoshopped (badly at that)  but the real Ruger 1911 does have a Ruger logo on the slide which is stainless.  Also, a black checkered beaver tailed grip and a skeletonized trigger and hammer accompany the new 1911 addition for Ruger.  No word on price yet but I would guess it to be around the 800-1000 dollar mark.  Ruger usually gives a good value for its pistols and I would suspect their new 1911 to be no different.

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