Roni Civilian Carbine Conversion

Posted by on January 31, 2011 in Industry Rumors, New Products, NFA Items, Pistols, Rifles, Shot Show |

Roni 16" barrel

Along with expanding their RONI pistol-carbine conversion kits to include more handgun models such as Sig Sauers, Berretas, and Smith and Wessons, CAA is going to finally offer a RONI that you won’t need a tax stamp to operate.  CAA is releasing a RONI pistol-carbine conversion kit with a 16″ barrel, so all those people reluctant to purchase a carbine conversion for their pistol due to that 200 dollar tax stamp and wait time can finally put those reservations away.  CAA has really expanded the RONI line to include almost all popular handgun models and they’ve also expanded their color options, and finally, they expanded the barrel making it easier to own.

I got to shoot the standard SBR RONI with a Glock 17 at SHOT a few weeks back and I was quite surprised with how easy it is to convert (takes a whole 45 seconds), and it was just as easy to operate.  I suspect a lot more people jumping on this since it’ll be easier to obtain without the fiscal and opportunity costs involved with CAA’s NFA version of the RONI.  Expect the new civilian RONI to be out sometime mid 2011.

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