Demon Tactical Bi-Pod Review

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Demon Tactical Bi-Pod Review
Along with the muzzle brake we reviewed last week, Demon Tactical out of Virginia also sent us a Bi-Pod to take a look at (we also have few more products to review from them that we’ll be getting to later this month). For me, a bi-pod is the easiest way to improve accuracy (besides optics), and Demon Tactical’s light weight bi-pod definitely does improve accuracy while adding virtually no weight to the gun; however, I found some limitations to this accessory that could prove to be a hindrance for some potential owners.

The Demon Tactical Bi-Pod is constructed from top notch materials. The 8” legs are made from carbon fiber and capped off at ends with rubber feet (owners can cut the legs to a desired length using an arrow cutter but please use caution and realize the risks of carbon fiber dust). The mount and base is comprised of aerospace aluminum and finished off in a hard anodized matte black. The bi-pod weighs a mere 4.5 ounces, but don’t be fooled by its featherweight qualities, the Demon Tactical Ultralight Bi-Pod is extremely well constructed and is one of the most durable bi-pods I’ve handled to date.

Demon Tactical Bi-Pod

This bi-pod does exactly what it’s intended to do very well—it stabilizes the weapon to help facilitate better accuracy, and it performs great. The rifles we installed it on were an AR-15 and a Sage M1A. The Demon Tactical Bi-Pod supported both of these weapons with ease. It helped keep the rounds on target, and keep our guns out of the dirt when not in use. The construction quality really shines when mounted on the rifle as well. Being so light, one could expect the bi-pod to be flimsy and they would be completely wrong—the Demon Tactical Bi-Pod is a rock solid bi-pod.

For me personally, the Demon Tactical Bi-Pod proves to have a few drawbacks. For one, it can only be mounted one way, and at the very fore end of rail, which could limit the types of accessories one could mount at the end—as was the case for my tactical light on my AR-15. Another drawback is the lack of adjustable legs; this could limit a stable platform to shoot with if on uneven ground (the bi-pod does swivel some which could help negate the lack of adjustability, but adjustable legs would be nice). Also, if you use the popular Magpul AFG, the Demon Tactical bi-pod prohibits a comfortable grip; this also holds true while using a short tango down grip. It works well with a full size grip and a full grip method of shooting, but using a thumb brake method of shooting was difficult while using the bi-pod.

Bi Pod by Demon Tactical Reviews

All in all, the Demon Tactical Bi-Pod is a solid piece of equipment. Its quality is almost second to none, it’s extremely light weight (virtually unnoticeable), and it functions flawlessly. The drawbacks I wrote about are personal, and apply to my current setup on my AR-15 (I really preferred it on the M1A with Sage stock, it really shined on that platform), so one would have to evaluate their own platform and weigh the advantages/disadvantages.

One feature I would like to have with this bi-pod is to be able to mount it how I would prefer, that’s with the legs folded forward, not towards the rear. I tend to push forward on the rifle when using a bi-pod (to compensate for the kick), and with the Demon Tactical bi-pod, I was scared I was going to collapse the bi-pod (I should note this never actually happened though, the legs seem to sturdily lock in place). But if you need a super light weight bi-pod built with amazing quality, then you might want to check out this bi-pod from Demon Tactical.

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