Remington Versa Max Tactical

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Versa Max Tactical Pics

Remington is going to release their newest auto-loading semi-automatic shotgun, the Versamax, in a tactical flavor.  The Remington Versa Max uses a specially designed gas system with multiple ports which open and close depending on which type of shotshell load is in the chamber–this allows the shooter to load a variety of different ammunition; you can see how it functions here.  So having a tactical version will probably be a welcomed addition to those shooters who are not interested in the hunting variety of Versa Maxes currently available and are more geared towards the tactical side of shooting.

From the pic, it looks like all Remington really did was add on a magazine tube extension, a picatinny rail for mounting a flashlight similar to whats on the Remington 887, and the same tactical muzzle brake.   The barrel looks quite long for a tactical shotgun; it looks to be about 21″ with that muzzle brake. Personally, I would of like to see (and hope Remington adds on for a final release) is an 18″ barrel, or if they’re going to keep the longer length then add longer magazine tube, plus a picatinny rail up top for adding on small red dot sight, and some ghost ring sights.  A ported barrel would be a nice addition as well (Vang Comp anyone?).  No word on price but if I was forced to speculate, I would have to put the price around $1500-1600 (about 200 more than a versamax synthetic, which would put it in the high end range of the Benelli M3, M4 area.  If it can cycle any load I put through in it, the Versa Max tactical may just be worth it.

Versamax Tactical Review

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