Remington 1911R1 Enhanced and Centennial Models

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After 91 years, Remington again entered the 1911 market by introducing the 1911R1 which became instantly popular due to its quality and its low price (under $600).  Remington now has two more models coming out soon, the 1911R1 Enhanced, and the 1911R1 Centennial Model.

The Remington 1911R1 Enhanced has some upgraded features that the 1911 market almost seems to expect now days from the quintessential semi-automatic pistol.  Remington‘s Enhanced 1911R1 features an adjustable rear sight, a red fiber optic red sight, front/rear slide serrations, an anodized aluminum match trigger and an enhanced hammer.  As far as looks, it puts it in the category of what we’re accustomed to seeing with more modern 1911s.  Also with the upgraded sights and match components could make it a soon to be favorite as an entry level competitor’s handgun; especially for the fact that Remington has provided a lot of these upgraded features with a not so upgraded price–the MSRP of the Remington 1911R1 Enhanced is $820.

1911R1 Enhanced

Along with keeping the modern fans of the 1911s happy with the Enhanced version, Remington is also playing to the large traditionalist crowd of 1911 admirers with the Remington 1911R1 Centennial model.  The Centennial model plays more towards the collectors market and will only be available in 2011 for the centennial anniversary of the 1911Remington‘s 1911 Centennial model features unique centennial engraving on the slide, a special serial number range, and custom rosewood grips with a Remington medallion in them.  Along with the pistol, owners will receive a centennial edition certificate verifying the authenticity of  the new addition to their collection.  This special 1911 from Remington is their most expensive 1911R1 model yet costing a potential owner $1,250.

1911R1 Centennial

I think both models look great, and are price proportionate.  The rosewood grips on the Centennial version are among the nicest I’ve seen, and I especially like the detail involved with the engraving and the classic look of the handgun.  What really surprised me was the low price of the Enhanced model considering you’re getting a lot of 1911 features that will normally put a 1911 over the 1k mark.  I haven’t heard of any real problems yet with the 1911R1 so it’s probably a safe bet that these new editions to Remington’s 1911 line will be just as popular.  Check below for a shot video from Shot Show this year about the new handguns.

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