PWS Woodland Series Rifle

Posted by on July 20, 2011 in New Products, Rifles |

PWS Wood Rifle

Primary Weapon Systems has an interesting rifle that they’ve just released.  Their new 5.56 Woodland Series Rifle, as the name would imply, features a wood stock, hand guards, and pistol grip.  From the pictures, the wood gives the rifle a nice look which is different  from most of the AR-15s out there that are usually tactical’d up.  The new PWS Woodland Series Rifle features black olive wood furniture, a 1:8 twist rate out of an 18″ stainless steel barrel, it weighs 7 lbs 10 oz and ships with a 20 round PMAG for $1300.  The most interesting thing for me about the PWS Woodland rifle is that it omits features that PWS are famous for–lack of a threaded barrel for attaching a PWS muzzlebrake and the Woodland Series Rifle uses a direct impingement gas system.  PWS is known for their piston systems so I was surprised to see them go with the traditional Ar-15 setup on this one.

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