California Compliant AKs by Arsenal INC

There is none other more frustrated gun owner/enthusiast as the Californian gun owner/enthusiast.  Since they have some of the most strict gun laws in America, Californians are used to seeing disclaimers on gun auctions and firearm retailers’ websites stating, “We do not ship to California.”  Ironically enough, the demand for firearms in California are amongst the highest in the nation–California is’s second highest readership (the first is Texas).  Californians would have needed to have a complete custom job done to an AK-47 in order to own one, until now.

Arsenal Inc of Las Vegas, NV has heard the cries from their neighbors, and are now going to be making California compliant AK-47s, AK-74s, and Saiga .410 shotguns.  The new California compliant Arsenal Aks share the same features of their less restricted Aks such as a Russian stamped receiver, a folding stock, and a scope accessory rail.  However, Californians are restricted to a 10 round magazine which also has a lock that must be engaged with a key for magazine removal.  Although they have the magazine restriction on them, it’s better than nothing for those Californians wanting an AK.  The MSRP Arsenal’s new Right to “Bear” arms California Compliant SGL23 (Ak-47) is $820, the SGL33 (AK-74) is $950, and the SGL 43 (Saiga 410 Shotgun) is $710.

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Beretta Tx4 Storm Shotgun

Last year, quietly, Beretta released a semi-auto shotgun addition to their Storm line dubbed the Tx4 Storm.  Now there wasn’t too much hype about the Tx4 when it first came out, and probably out of all of Beretta‘s brands, I would say the Tx4 received almost no publicity compared to its cousins the Px4 and Cx4.  It wasn’t until SHOT show this year that I was finally able to get up close with the new Beretta Shotgun, and I’m glad I was finally introduced to this Italian semi-auto shotgun.

The Beretta Tx4 is a gas operated semi-auto shotgun that shares a lot of qualities with shotguns from its sister company Benelli.  Firing it felt very similiar to a Benelli M2 tactical.  Also, just like a Benelli, the Tx4 “knows” the difference between pulling the charging handle and firing the gun in regards to how the shells are chambered–meaning that if you pull the charging handle to expel a shell that is currently in the chamber, the Tx4 will not load another shell in the chamber.  This comes in hand when doing on the spot ammo changeovers; it keeps the chamber empty and will allow you to throw a slug in there for impromptu longer shots.

The Tx4 weighs only 6.4 pounds unloaded and has an 18″ barrel making it a pretty agile shotgun.  It features a cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, a button operated ambidextrous safety, and a picatinny rail with ghost ring sights.  The one area where I found the Tx4 coming up a little short was the ammo capacity which tops off at only 5+1 rounds.  However, a source from Beretta who wished to be unnamed, assured me that a lot of aftermarket accessories made for certain Benelli shotguns, such as magazine extension tubes, would fit and work on the Tx4.  The MSRP of the Tx4 is quite high for its class though, it comes in right under $1,500.Beretta TX4 Stand Off Device Optima HP Choke Tube CL

The Beretta Media representative assured that we would be receiving one to review by the Summer.  I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be soon.  I plan on putting one of Benelli‘s Tx4 Stand Off Device Optima Choke tube as seen above and maybe try to fit some of those extension tubes to see which ones will work.  Either way, its going a great review so be sure to check back later on when Beretta finally sends us a Tx4 to review.

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Federal and American Eagle .45 Recall

Federal and American Eagle have issued an immediate and urgent warning regarding some of their .45 Auto ammunition lots that could contain an incorrect propellant charge.  Its strongly advised (by Federal and that if you own ANY Federal .45 Auto ammunition, to make sure you check the lots since that using this defective ammo could result in serious injury and/or firearm damage.

The brands that are affected are:

  • American Eagle PN: AE45A, AE45N1 and AE45A250
  • Champoin PN: WM5233
  • GoldMedal: GM45B
  • Hi-Shok PN: 45C, 45D)
  • Federal Personal Defense (C45C, C45D)


  • 38X628 – 38X765
  • 38T401 – 38T414

You can check the graphic above to find your lot numbers to see if your ammo is part of the affected lots.  If you are unfortunate enough to have purchased some of this defective ammo, you should contact Federal Ammunition immediately at:  1-800-831-0850 or 1-800-322-2342.  Federal will provide replacement ammunition for you. Check the link below for Federal’s Official recall.

A little birdy who happens to be an insider for an ammunition manufacturer told me some interesting information right before SHOT regarding Federal.  When discussing different ammo manufacturers this executive insider was telling me that Federal has outsourced a lot of its ammunition manufacturing to Mexico.  Now I don’t know if these lots were manufactured down there, it still makes me think–furthermore, it reinforces my prejudice about foreign ammunition (very bad experiences with Wolf), and I’ll continue preferring to buy American when it comes to bullets.


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Wilson Combat .300 BLK Uppers

Wilson Combat is the next manufacturer to jump on the rapidly growing .300 BLK bandwagon.  The .300 BLK (7.62x35mm) is the best .30 cal AR solution to date.  The Advanced Armament Comapny Blackout round (AAC .300 BLK) offers more energy from a 9″ barrel than a 5.56 with a 16″ barrel; also, when using a 16″ barrel, such as the Wilson Combat .300 BLK Upper, the .300 BLK offers 23% more energy over a 5.56.  The best part about all these benefits over a 5.56 is that the .300 BLK can use standard AR lowers and magazines–so there’s no need to completely buy/rebuild a current platform for current AR owners.

Complete Upper Assembly, 300 Blackout, Lightweight, 16

The Wilson Combat .300 BLK upper features a fluted barrel with a 1:8 twist, their new Wilson Combat TRIM rail, and sports dual m4 feedramps.  The gas system is carbine length and the muzzle threads are 5/8″x24.  Wilson Combat is offering a recon and lightweight version which have 16.5″ barrels and a SBR version that has a barrel measuring in at 11.3 inches.

Complete Upper Assembly, 300 Blackout, SBR, 11.3

Surprisingly, Wilson Combat is offering every version of their .300 BLK uppers for only $1,025, which is a damn good deal.  The only drawback right now to the .300 BLK is the availability of ammo since it’s  so new.  Expect that to change soon though–I talked to AAC at SHOT SHOW this year and they should have the AAC .300 Blackout round approved by SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures’ Institute) which will standardize the .300 BLK round and speed up production.

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SureFire Mini-Monster

SureFire has a nasty looking new suppressor coming out called the Mini-Monster. The SureFire Mini suppressor line is SureFire’s new flagship 5.56 suppressors, and the monster is the newest model in that line.  The SureFire Minies are only 5 inches and weigh 14 ounces while maintaing little or no zero shift and typically improving group sizes according to SureFire.  SureFire has also included a new and larger lockring to the Mini suppressors making it easier to remove and attach.  The Mini-Monster shares all those characteristics with the Mini but with one obvious and striking added feature.

At the request of many military personal downrange; SureFire added the aggressive toothed crown to create the new Mini-Monster suppressor. The Mini-Monster’s intimidating cap can be used as a breaker device to smash through glass or use it as a “non-lethal impact device” as said by a SureFire representative at the Media Day at SHOT 2011.  If anything, I think it gives it a very unique and aggressive look, and the Mini-Monster definitely stands out now compared to all of the other suppressors out there.

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New FNH FNAR Match Rifle

FNH is releasing their popular .308 FNAR rifle in a match version.  The new FNH FNAR Match has some obvious improvements starting off with the stock.  The McMillan stock really compliments the .308 semi auto rifle and seems to add to its accuracy along with its 20″ hammer forged fluted barrel.  FNH is boasting and guaranteeing out of the box sub MOA accuracy for the Match FNAR all while keeping the price tag under $2,000.  The FNH Match FNAR features ambidextrous controls, a detachable magazine with capacities from 5 to 20 rounds, and a picatinny rail for mounting optics.

All in all the FNAR Match seems like a superb rifle, especially for the cost.  Considering that the main competitor in its class would have to be a Springfield Match M1A–add in an adjustable McMillan stock and that price tag well exceeds the <$2,000 dollar price of the FNH Match FNAR.  Personally, I think the McMillan fiberglass stock is a perfect fit for the FNAR; it’s a definite improvement over the normal FNAR stock, which I wasn’t too big of a fan of.

Also, since FNH added the McMillan Stock (which does not  have a pistol grip as with the normal FNAR stock) and is offering magazine capacities under 10 rounds, that means California residents and gun enthusiasts should be happy being that they’ll be able to own one.  So not only did FNH cater to semi-auto rifle shooters hungry for bolt action like precision, they’re also opening their sales to one of the biggest and most restricted firearms market, California.

(Photo Courtesy of T.A.G.)

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Winchester PDX1 Defender .223 Ammo

Winchester PDX1 .223 ammo reviewThe trend with gun sales have shifted more towards personal defense and ammo manufacturer such as Winchester are taking notice.  Due to their success of their PDX1 .410 and 12 gauge ammunition, they’re expanding the line to include centerfire handgun calibers and the .223 cartridge.

A lot of the new gun owners of the 2008-09 massive firearms purchases are carbine owners, more specifically, AR15 owners.  Although an AR15 wouldn’t be my first choice as home defense weapon (unless I lived on a ranch with virtually no neighbors); some owners do use it for home defense so the PDX1 .223 would be the round to use.  I could see the PDX1 also attracting LEOs; especially since many departments are adding more AR15 type carbines to their patrol units.

The new .223 PDX1 Defender round is designed for maximum expansion upon impact just as any other hollow tip.  According to my short talk with Winchester regarding the new PDX1 Defender, the new Winchester .223 addition is a 60 grain bullet, has 2750 fps of muzzle velocity and a .208 ballistic coefficient.

Winchester’s has also expanded their centerfire handgun ammo PDX1 line.  They will be adding the .357 sig and .357 magnum to their PDX1 handgun ammo lineup.  The .357 will be a 125 grain hollowpoint with a muzzle velocity of 1350 for the sig and 1325 for the magnum.  Also, the PDX1 .45 and .410 shotshells will now be offered as  a combo pack for those owners of the Taurus Judge and future owners of the new Smith and Wesson Governor.

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