Red Jacket Firearms new AR-15


Discovery Channel’s new popular show, Sons of Guns, follows around the crew of Red Jacket Firearms in Louisiana showcasing their firearms builds and manufacturing endeavors.  One memorable moment is when they successfully suppressed a Saiga-12 Shotgun–although the feat had been accomplished before, and the show portrayed the event as if it was the first time ever done.  My personal favorite moment by far with the season was when they gave a kick ass hunting ATV, complete with a mounted Saiga-12 to a wounded war veteran who lost his arm.  My least favorite would be when they tested a M2 Browning in a field with brush while using tracer rounds which resulted in, what would you know, a fire.

This now famous gun shop of the swamps is going to be producing a custom AR-15 build, as if there’s not enough of those already.  But given the amount of publicity the shop has been granted by their new hit show, it’ll probably prove to be a successful move, assuming the rifle works as it should.

The NRA’s website has a short video clip of the new Red Jacket Arms AR-15.  From what I could see, it sports a Magpul UBR along with Magpul BUIS, and a mega-monolithic upper receiver and will have a piston system rather than a traditional DI.  No word on price, but I would expect some sort of premium attached to it.  Maybe will be lucky enough to secure one for review.  Below are screen shots courtesy of the NRA’s American Rifleman; the full video can be seen here.

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Brett Favre Shooting a Remington Versa Max

Retired (for now, but who knows) Brett Favre was treated to a bird hunting trip by Remington to try out their new Versa Max shotgun. The Versa Max is Remington’s newest semi automatic shotgun whose best feature is being able to handle almost any load 12 gauge from 2 3/4″ – 3 1/2″ Magnum shells. The Versa Max achieves this by its Versaport gas system which opens or closes gas ports based on the size of the shell.

Check out Favre in the videos below using the Versa Max. He’s not that bad of a shot considering it seems like his first time bird hunting.


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How Video Games Get Their Sound

If you’ve ever wondered how video games get their realistic sound (well, some video games), check out the video above. Red Storm Entertainment, a video game company responsible for the more realistic shooters such as the Tom Clancy games, was showcased on UNC-TV, or North Carolina’s public television.

I personally love the part where the developer is talking about making the games more detailed and accurate. I can relate to when he talks about his father complaining about video games and movies saying, “That’s not how that is!” I can hardly watch any military film and not yell at the TV if they get something wrong since I served (and I’m still serving as a civilian) in the military, and I completely refuse to watch Top Gun. Also, I wish my state had public television like North Carolina; maybe I would actually watch it if it had more pieces like this–although sometimes I do watch Frontline when they do military specials. Enjoy the vid!

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Daniel Defense MFR 12.0 Handguards

Daniel Defense MFR review

Daniel Defense has just released a new AR-15 handguard system called the MFR 12.0.   The new MFR is a modular, free-floating handguard system which has a relatively low weight of 12.0 ounces.  The best part about the system is that it is modular, allowing a user to install picatinny rails where needed at the normal 3,6,9 positions as well as 2,5,8, and 11 positions.  There is also a full picatinny rail along the top of the new 12 inch MFR giving it a monolithic look.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences from all the Daniel Defense products I’ve tried in the past, especially their rails.  The MFR looks like it will be a successful addition to their rails lineup even with the AR accessory market being somewhat flooded.  The MSRP of the New Daniel Defense MFR 12.0 is $249 and available at Daniel Defense’s website.

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Sig Sauer Sig 716


After seeing them at SHOT SHOW, Sig Sauer is finally sending the first batch of Sig 716s through the production line making them available sometime this summer.  The new Sig 716 is based off of their little cousin, the 516, but with the bigger 7.62 round.  Just like the 516, the Sig 716 utilizing a short stroke gas pushrod (piston) system, which many shooters believe improves reliability with the AR platform since it does keep the receiver much cooler and cleaner.

The new Sig 716 will accept SR25 and Magpul Pmags, and all versions of the Sig 716 feature the Magpul MIAD grip.  Also, the Patrol, Carbine, and the CQB versions come with the Magpul ACS stock while the Precision model comes with an expected Magpul PRS stock.  Some other improvements the Precision 716 hosts is a two-stage match trigger and a 20″ heavy HBAR barrel.

Just as the Sig 516, the Sig 716 comes with a free floating quad picatinny rail and features a chrome bore and chamber.  Hopefully these things will be arriving your local and online shops in time for some summer shooting.   Expect the price of the 716 to be around the $1,500 mark, which isn’t a bad deal at all for a gas piston AR-10 type rifle.





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Wilson Combat 7.62x40mm

Wilson Combat has just released a new .30 cal cartridge, the 7.62×40.  Designed for hunters and tactical shooters, the new caliber from Wilson Combat has the punch that might be missing from 5.56 ARs.  The selling point of the new rounds, besides the better terminal ballistics, is that 5.56 ARs only need to have the barrel changed out.  The new Wilson Combat 7.62×40 uses the traditional AR 15 lower and Lancer L5 AWM magazines modified by Wilson Combat.

I find it very interesting that Wilson Combat is putting out a new caliber, especially since they just released AR uppers for another .30 cal solution, the AAC BLACKOUT.  Did Wilson Combat assume they could do better, so they did?  I would have to put them up head to head to see.  Both cartridges use the same selling points, lighter recoil than other .30 cal cartridges, improved terminal ballistics, minimal modifications; the only main difference I can see is the 5mm of more casing the Wilson Combat has, giving it slightly more powder behind it giving it barely noticeable more FPS and foot pounds of energy over the AAC BLACKOUT.  Both rounds do seem to drop significantly though after 400 yards from the data I’ve seen.  Check below for ballistic stats of the new Wilson Combat 7.62×40 round.

Ballistic Performance Comparison

  • 7.62×40 WT (16” Barrel) 110 gr: 2450 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1466 Foot Pounds of Energy
125 gr: 2400 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1599 Foot Pounds of Energy
150 gr: 2200 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1612 Foot Pounds of Energy
  • 5.56 Nato (16” Barrel) 55 gr: 3150 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1212 Foot Pounds of Energy
62 gr: 3000 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1239 Foot Pounds of Energy
77 gr: 2750 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1293 Foot Pounds of Energy
  • 7.62×39 (16” Barrel) 123 gr: 2320 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1470 Foot Pounds of Energy
  • 6.8 SPC (16” Barrel) 110 gr: 2550 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1594 Foot Pounds of Energy
  • 300 BLACKOUT (16” Barrel) 125 gr: 2275 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1436 Foot Pounds of Energy
  • NOTE for Handloaders: Once a 7.62×40 WT case has been fired once it will be fire- formed and provide approximately 1 gr. additional powder capacity and the potential for approximately 25-50 FPS more velocity at comparable pressure levels.


Trajectory and Remaining Velocity


  • 125 gr. Nosler Ballistic Hunter, 2375 FPS MV, Zero range 175 yards
  • 100 yds +1.7” 2156 FPS
  • 150 yds +1.1” 2052 FPS
  • 200 yds -1.6” 1951 FPS
  • 250 yds -6.6” 1854 FPS

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Happy Birthday 1911

A hundred years ago today, the 1911 was officially adopted to be the sidearm of the United States Army.  The M1911 has seen action in every single American conflict from World War I to present day operations.  John Moses Browning’s  1911 is the iconic American handgun who’s legacy will be perpetual.  Its so beloved, the state of Utah has made it their official State handgun and shooters world wide have made it their go to pistol.   So today, we should all say Happy 100th Birthday to  Browning’s legendary 1911 which started it all.


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