Obtaining Firearms

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Obtaining Firearms

I just heard from a friend of mine that his elderly neighbor passed away recently and that his wife was selling off his gun collection, which is apparently sizable. This in turn led me to think about some of the different ways in which people acquire firearms in our country.

The first (and least likely at least for me) is through inheritance. A family member passes away, and unlike the pharos of Egypt, they leave behind their worldly possessions. If the firearms are left to someone who is interested in them, they will be treated as family heirlooms and passed down from one generation to the next. If they are left to someone who is not, they will be yet more junk to sell as quickly as possible.

The most mainstream method of obtaining a firearm is by going to one’s local gun store. Typically there is a decent selection of handguns and rifles as well as the accessories you might want to add to your purchase. There is usually at least one staff member who is knowledgeable and willing to assist you in finding something that meets your needs, and if not it allows for uninterrupted window shopping. The prices are typically fair, and great deals are less likely, but in addition to the firearm you’re paying for the ability to hold and inspect it before purchase.

A gun show is another popular method of purchasing a firearm, but is generally not for the novice purchaser. The conditions and prices vary from one seller to the next, but good deals can be found by those who are patient and knowledgeable about their intended purchases.

Online purchases tend to be more for those who have openly admitted to having a firearm purchasing problem; the problem being that they are running out of space to warehouse their ever growing collection. The primary benefit of the online purchase is typically a lower purchase price, but this can be deceptive as an FFL transfer fee might also be needed before you can collect your purchase. The downside of the online purchase is that you’re purchasing an item you haven’t personally inspected. Even new firearms can have flaws or issues, so it can end up being a hassle if you’re unlucky.

Estate sales and one to one sales are yet another set of viable options that tend to be more for people in the know concerning firearms. Usually it requires some upfront effort to either find the seller of a specific firearm or tracking down the time and location of the estate sale. Good deals are once again the upside, but be sure to use a healthy dose of common sense when making one on one purchases. Always meet in well lit public places and if something feels off, walk away.

I am personally a fan of going to a local store and purchasing from them. I like the ability to handle the firearm and inspect it myself before handing over the money. In addition to wanting to see and touch the firearm, I want to ask questions about it based on things I may have read in reviews or online forums. Even if the sales person can’t answer all of my questions it brings me peace of mind. Purchasing local also helps to ensure that I’ll have a place I can go to for window shopping and pre-purchase handling firearms in the future.

What are some of the ways you’ve come to obtain your firearms? Do you prefer one method over another, or is it all the same to you so long as there’s a good deal to be had?


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