Nighthawk Tactical Devastator Shotgun

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Nighthawk Devastator Review
The demand for a Remington 1100 with a collapsible stock was just too high for Nighthawk Tactical to ignore according to Mark Stone of Nighthawk.  So he handed off an 1100 to an unnamed engineer and said “make it work.”  Well, that unnamed engineer did just that.  Nighthawk Tactical took the recoil spring out of the buttstock and reversed it, placing in between the magazine tube and barrel, and shielding it with a custom picatinny’ed out forend.  The result, a sick looking, custom, Remington 1100 with a fully collapsible stock, and potentially a folding stock in the future.  The guys over at Nighthawk were a little tight lipped about some of the  specs of their new prototype semi-auto shotgun.  However, I do know its codenamed Devastator–and judging by the looks of this 12 gauge beast, I think it’s appropriately named.

No word yet on a release date, but expect the Nighthawk Tactical Devastator shotgun sometime this year.  So far they’ve put 5,000 shells through it, and haven’t experienced any problems so far with the reversed recoil spring.  As of now, the Devastator is in its final testing phase which consists of handing the Devastator over to Chris Costa and the guys over at Magpul Dynamics.  Mark Stone claimed that the Magpul Dynamics guys would, “put it through its paces,”  and for obvious reasons, I believe him.

Steve Fisher Magpul Dynamics

I was lucky enough to be present when Chris Costa and Steve Fisher came over to the Nighthawk Custom booth to discuss the new Devastator (and some other things that will be in posts to come).  So expect some changes between the photos here at and the final Devastator that Nighthawk puts out.  I know they want to put a Magpul ASAP on there along with a QD swivel sling mount at the rear.  I asked Steve Fisher why he would want both, to which he replied that not everyone wants to run an ASAP, some people might want to run different slings, and this way they can.

I personally can’t wait to see the final product.  I know Chris Costa and Steve Fisher will use and abuse the Devastator and make it their… well you get the point.  And by using Nighthawk Tactical‘s previous custom shotguns as a precedent, I don’t have the slightest doubt that the Nighthawk Devastator will be one helluva shotgun. will keep you updated with the release date and final MSRP as soon as we find out.  Check out the pics below.


Well, I guess that huge Rhino rail should have gave it away,  but a little birdie told me that the main design did come from ETA.

Also, the recoil spring can be adjusted to be 35% tighter, or 35% looser than a standard 1187 recoil spring.  The main differences between ETA’s and Nighthawk Tactical’s is that Nighthawk Tactical applies their proprietary coating to the shotgun.
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