New X-REST Shooting Rest by Montie Design

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Montie Design X-Rest shooting restThe X-REST by Montie Design is available in 4 different variations. The Original, X-Rest lightweight, AR-REST, and the AR-REST Lightweight. I first came across the X-rest while looking for a bi pod adapter for our long term review of the Bushmaster ACR.  I came accross a new Magpul grip that fit directly onto the Magpul hand guard so now all I needed was a portable shooting rest that wasn’t clunky or heavy. The X-REST by Montie Design fit the bill very well.

For people who don’t really care for the shooting rests offered at their local shooting range the X-Rest is an option worth looking at. The AR-Rest placed the rifle stock about 9.5 inches from the top of the shooting surface which allows for proper clearance for high capacity magazines. The AR-REST comes in at only 18.5 ounces. Its perfect as it allows lots of space for my new fore grip and anything else i plan to add in the future.  If you are on the go and need something a bit lighter the AR-REST lightweight comes in at only 12.1 ounces but we think that the lighter weight may increase gun hop when you fire.

It’s more stable than your standard bi pod as the X-REST acts as a Tripod. It deploys quickly after assembled and it’s easy to carry in our range bag.

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