New MK-20 Sniper Support Rifle

Posted by on July 22, 2010 in Industry Rumors, New Products, Prototypes, Rifles |

MK20 sniper rifle reviews

Well after only about a month from the DoD’s cancellation of the SCAR it seems that they’re not giving up on other SCAR based platforms.

The MK-20 is, according to FNH-USA, “is a tailored design for long-range precision fire application while also providing capability to fight close in.”

So basically its a SASS based upon the MK-17 SCAR.  By the looks of it, its just a SCAR with an enhanced barrel, and extended rail for optics and accessories, and a fully adjustable precision stock.

It also features an enhanced trigger that requires to adjustments (I’m wondering what the pull is on it).

The MK-20 looks like a solid contender to replace the aging M14 as a DM with its modular platform and enhanced features.

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