New MGI Recoil Reducing Buffer

Posted by on May 24, 2011 in Accessories, Rifles |

MGI, most famous for their Hydra black rifles, has just released a new drop in upgrade for your AR-15.  The MGI recoil reducing buffer will help shooters close those rapid shot groups in.  The buffer tube replacement isn’t exactly a groundbreaking upgrade, they’ve been around for a while.  The most popular buffer replacement being the Endine Hydraulic Buffer; however, unlike the Endine, the MGI buffer tube is completely mechanical.

The MGI recoil reducing buffer does exactly what the name implies; it reduces felt recoil.  This effect can prove to be extremely advantageous for AR-15/M4 fully automatic rifles and for competitive shooters.  Less recoil means easily controlled follow up shots.  Recoil reducing buffers can also help with direct gas impingement AR-15s that are suppressed–the extra cushion from that the upgraded buffer can absorb the increased shock due to the increased gas pressure from the suppressor.  The MGI recoil reducing buffer costs $165 and adapters are available for rifle length stocks and .308 (AR-10) rifles for $20.

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