New LaRue RISR

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Larue RISR for Magpul CTR

LaRue Tactical is coming out with a new cheek rest for Magpul CTR and MOE stocks.  Unlike other collapsible stock cheek rest risers, the Larue RISR (Reciprocating Inline Stock Riser) does not interfere with the charging handles as other cheek risers do.  This could significantly help shooters that need a higher cheek weld in order to get the sight picture they desire.

Magpul’s cheek risers seemed to get in a way of the charging handle when the stock was not extended all the way, so LaRue’s alternative may be the best solution for shooters needing this lift.  Installation claims to be easy, and by the looks of it, I find no reason to think otherwise.  I’ll have to wait to get my hands on one, but it looks like the stock may still have to be extended may 1 or 2 clicks in order to operate the charging handle, but if it doesn’t, that will make the LaRue RISR even better.

larue RISR

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