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New Sponser:

We would like to introduce you guys to a new gun auction website, and’s newest advertiser,  There are a few online gun auction sites out there right now, but puts a unique spin on the typical eCommerce world of auction sites.

We’re all pretty much familiar with online auctions; most of them are similar to Ebay.  If you’re the highest bid, and the price reserve is met, you win the item. has a sort of collective bidding system.  People pay for bids on the site and just use “bids” to bid on the item.  The person with the last bid, wins the item.  There are also auctions for bids themselves; so instead of paying about a dollar a bid, you can get 25 or 50 pack of bids on the cheap.

If you don’t win the item, and you placed a bunch of bids, those bids don’t necessarily go to waste.  You can apply those bids to purchase the item.  I’ve seen some guns go for pretty low prices.  The best deal I’ve seen so far has to be the Springfield XDm .45, and the winner probably paid less than $100 bucks in bids.  It’s sort of high risk/high reward system, but if you’re the tenacious bidder, you can come away with some crazy deals.  As the site grows, I’m sure the inventory and deals will too.  Check them out, and stay tuned to as we’ll probably have some special deals available here for bid packs and items–expect a promo code soon.  Also, is doing a giveaway this month so stay tuned for that too.  Be sure to check them out.



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