New Chiappa Dedicated .22lr AR-15 Upper

Posted by on June 23, 2011 in Accessories, Rifles |

Chiappa firearms, famous for their unconventional revolvers, are now selling a dedicated .22 LR upper.  More and more shooters are turning to the .22 lr to get the most bang for their buck.  Some have turned to .22 LR conversion kits for their AR-15, but that can come with some consequence.  Although the diameter of a .22lr and a .223/5.56 are microscopically close, a .223 barrel is still not made for the .22lr–in terms of size and the bullet itself.  The .223/5.56 are jacketed bullets; they have a copper-nickle jacket around a lead core bullet, most .22lr is not jacketed.  After repeated shooting with .22lr in a rifle chambered in .223, it can lead to a degradation of barrel life and accuracy; not to mention the accuracy of shooting .22lr itself can be sub par due to the 1:9 or 1:7 twist rate of your AR.

Using a dedicated upper instead of a conversion kit can mitigate these risks, and that’s what impressed me with the Chiappa .22 LR upper.  Most conversion kits costs around the $200 dollar mark, which can quickly pay for itself with one trip to the range, but the gradual damage to my precious AR-15’s barrel leaves me a little apprehensive to run it as much as I would like.  So at only $150 dollars more for the Chiappa .22 LR upper,  it makes it a little more appealing.  Not only for the reassuring sense that I won’t (or might) be degrading my rifle, but mainly for the accuracy Chiappa claims their .22lr can achieve.  Check the photo below, 28 shots at 50 yards… that’s pretty impressive.  The Chiappa .22lr dedicated upper is compatible with any mil spec AR-15 and comes with two 28 or 10 round magazines for $350.

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