New Bushmaster MOE Rifles

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Bushmaster firearms has a few new rifles in 2011 to add to their popular MOE line.  Bushmaster’s MOE rifles feature a standard AR-15 with Magpul furniture.  They also have an A3 style flat top ready for optics and a Magpul rear BUIS (backup iron sight).  Bushmaster will be adding 4 more rifles to the MOE line this year, a gas piston MOE, a Mid length MOE, a .308 MOE, and the Dissipator MOE.

The Bushmaster MOE Dissipator model feature’s Magpuls new Rifle Length Handguard, which finally became available just last month.  Along with the typical MOE enhancements the Bushmaster Dissipator also features a rifle mid length gas system, a heavy profile barrel with a 1:9″ twist, an overall length of 32.5″ and weighs only 6.42 pounds.  The MOE Dissipator is available now in black, flat dark earth, or OD green and can be seen in the banner above.  The Bushmaster MOE Dissipator has an MSRP of $1,247.00

There are two new mid-length gas system Bushmaster MOE rifles coming out as well, one in 5.56 and .308.  Each feature a slightly longer handguards and gas systems that will ease recoil a bit over a typical carbine length system.  The 5.56/.223 version features everything that the previous Bushmaster MOE rifles with exception to the gas system and handguards.  The .308 MidLength MOE of course differs since it has a 30 round magazine and fires the .308 cartridge.  What surprised me is that the Bushmaster .308 MOE doesn’t feature a Magpul 7.62×51 PMAG; since it uses the same lower as the .308 ORC and would accept the PMAG, as we found out with our review of the .308 ORC.  It only seems natural that it would ship with it.  The Bushmaster MOE Mid-Length .308 has an MSRP of $1,448 and the 5.56 version’s MSRP is $1,247.

Finally Bushmaster is releasing a MOE Gas Piston Carbine, which has all the same features of the Bushmaster MOE Carbine with exception to the gas system.  As you may have guessed by the title, the Bushmaster MOE Gas PistonCarbine feature’s Bushmaster‘s gas piston which should, in theory, aid in reliability and it’ll definitely cut down on cleaning time.  The new Bushmaster MOE Gas Piston Carbine will have an MSRP of $1,247 and will be available in flat dark earth, OD green, and Black.

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