Mossberg’s M500 Flex Modular Shotgun

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Mossberg’s M500 Flex Modular Shotgun


If you haven’t noticed from the last couple posts, shotguns are on my mind at the moment. I was reading through my May issue of Guns & Ammo and the first thing I turn to is their cover story on Mossberg’s M500 Flex modular shotgun. The concept of modular firearms interests me a lot, so after reading their article I decided to head over to Mossberg’s web page and get more info. The following is what I found over at their site.

Flexible, versatile and virtually limitless for fit, style and application. Wouldn’t everyone want a gun that is flexible enough to fit that description? Now with the innovative, patented and patent-pending Mossberg FLEX Series modular shotgun and accessory system, your Mossberg 500® or 590® pump-action shotgun can be that gun; easily converted in seconds without the need for tools. From a rugged tactical platform to a foul-weather hunting tool to a compact home defense gun, you can FLEX YOUR MOSSBERG!

At the core of this unique, adaptive system is the patented and patent-pending TLS

™ (Tool-less Locking System), a series of three connectors that allow stocks, forends and recoil pads to be switched for a variety of shooting applications or easily “custom fit” your Mossberg, regardless of the shooter’s stature. Eleven 500/590 FLEX 12-gauge shotgun base models and 16 FLEX accessory components will be offered initially. Adding to the versatility is Mossberg’s extensive line of 500/590 accessory barrels which are compatible with FLEX shotgun systems.

Start by choosing a FLEX shotgun base model from three 500 All-Purpose, four 500/590 Tactical and four 500 Hunting options; each with 12-gauge, 3-inch chambers. Select 500 FLEX All-Purpose and 500 FLEX Hunting shotguns feature Mossberg’s patent-pending LPA

™ (Lightning Pump Action™) Adjustable Trigger System. This revolutionary trigger system, a first for pump-action shotguns, is user-adjustable from 3 to 8 pounds with an Allen wrench and provides a rifle-like, creep-free trigger pull.

FLEX All-Purpose models come with 26 or 28-inch vent rib, ACCU-CHOKE™ ported barrels with matte metal finishes or optional all-weather Marinecote™ finish; full-length synthetic stock fit with our medium recoil pad (14 ½-inch LOP); and standard synthetic forend. Both constructed of durable synthetic with black matte finish. FLEX 500/590 Tactical models are available with matte, OD Green and Coyote Tan finishes on barrels and receivers; tactical tri-rail forends which can accommodate a touchpad; stock options that include standard synthetic (14 ½-inch LOP), six-position adjustable tactical or pistol grip; and cylinder bore 18 ½-inch stand-off barrel or 20-inch barrel with 6-round total capacity or 9-round total capacity with the 590 Tactical. FLEX Hunting models are available with 24 or 28-inch vent rib barrels and choice of OD Green, Coyote Tan, Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Infinity™ or Realtree MAX-4® camo receiver finishes. Standard full-length stocks and forends feature Infinity or MAX-4 finishes as well. Now that you have selected your base model, it’s easy to FLEX YOUR MOSSBERG!

Without tools, your FLEX shotgun can easily be purpose-built with a wide range of Mossberg accessories that feature the TLS connector system. These include three recoil pads (3/4-inch, 1 ¼-inches and 1 ½-inches thick); four synthetic forends (three standard and one tactical tri-rail); and nine stock options. Choose from our standard full-length stocks with 12 ½, 13 ½ and 14 ¼-inch LOPs; pistol grip; six-position adjustable tactical stock; and four-position adjustable, dual-comb hunting stock. Forends and stocks feature black matte, Break-Up Infinity and MAX-4 finishes. Your options are endless with this modular system.

Don’t forget that at the core of this system is the legendary 500/590 pump-action platform with its field proven design featuring non-binding twin action bars; positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator for smooth, reliable operation; anodized aluminum receiver; and universally-recognized ambidextrous top-mounted safety. The base platform of this ultimate, adaptive shotgun is rugged, reliable and comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

Mossberg’s FLEX Series shotgun specifications table was too large to post up, but the price range was between $593-$826 depending on the setup. I was able to post their accessories table though to give you an idea of cost.

Mossberg FLEX Series Accessories Specifications:ITEM DESCRIPTION MSRP
95210 FLEX Recoil Pad Assembly – 3/4 inch (SMALL) $24
95211 FLEX Recoil Pad Assembly – 1 1/4 inch (MEDIUM) $24
95212 FLEX Recoil Pad Assembly – 1 1/2 inch (LARGE) $36
95213 FLEX Tactical Tri-Rail Forend – Black $46
95214 FLEX Standard Forend – Black $34
95216 FLEX Standard Forend – MOBU Infinity $46
95217 FLEX Standard Forend – Realtree MAX-4 $46
95218 FLEX Pistol Grip – Black $29
95219 FLEX 6-Position Adjustable Stock – Black $108
95221 FLEX 4-Position Adjustable Hunting Stock with Dual Comb – Black $145
95222 FLEX 4-Position Adjustable Hunting Stock with Dual Comb – MOBU Infinity $156
95223 FLEX Standard Stock 12 ½-inch LOP – Black (Compact) $77
95224 FLEX Standard Stock 14 ¼-inch inch LOP – Black (Full-Length) $77
95226 FLEX Standard Stock 13 ½-inch LOP – Black (Medium) $77
95227 FLEX Standard Stock 13 ½-inch LOP – MOBU Infinity (Medium) $96
95228 FLEX Standard Stock 13 ½-inch LOP Realtree MAX-4 (Medium) $96

Mossberg encourages you to, “FLEX YOUR MOSSBERG with the newest, most-innovative concept in shotgun customization!” What I would be interested to know is how many of you are interested in purchasing a modular shotgun? With the KSG on the market and the UTS-15 scheduled to arrive shortly, is Mossberg’s M500 Flex modular shotgun both interesting and competitive enough to attract you and your wallet?

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