Mossberg MMR 556 AR-15s

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Mossberg AR 15 Review

As if they weren’t enough firearm manufacturers making AR-15s, Mossberg has decided to make an AR-15 chambered in 5.56 to go along with their .22 plinker model.  They’re coming out with two versions, the MMR 556 Tactical and the MMR 556 Hunter.  No real draw dropping improvements to the very familiar platform, both have direct impingement gas systems, a single stage trigger, and familiar AR-15 ergonomics.  Both models also feature a Stark Ergo Pistol Grip that has an integrated battery storage compartment and an oversize trigger guard making them easier to operate with gloves on. Mossberg AR 15 Pics

The Mossberg MMR 556 Tactical will feature a free floating 16.25″ barrel with a 1:9 twist topped off with a traditional A2 flash hider.  A quad rail handguard and an A3 flattop upper receiver will allow a shooter to attach a variety of accessories.  The best part about the Mossberg MMR 556 tactical has to be the price.  Considering many of the features on this AR-15 would be purchased by shooters anyways, at a price of only $921 its like Mossberg is throwing them in for free.  If shooters wish to have a Mossberg MMR 556 Tactical without adjustable sights, then the price is knocked down to $885.Mossberg MMR 556 Review

The other Mossberg AR-15 model as the name implies, is designed for hunters.  Since the MMR 556 Hunter is chambered in 5.56, I would imagine it would probably only really be good as a varmint hunting rifle.  The Mossberg MMR 556 Hunter features a 20″ barrel a slimmer handguard, the old school A2 fixed stock ,dual sling swivel studs and comes with a 5 round magazine.  Shooters will have their choice of finish from black, Mossy Oak, or Mossy Oak Brush.  If potential owners of the Hunter model want one of the camo finishes they’ll have to fork out a little more cash; the Mossberg MMR 556 Hunter with a camo finish comes in at $1010, which is still not bad at all.

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