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McMillan Suitcase Sniper

McMillan is working on a cool little suitcase sniper rifle prototype that they were showing off at this years Shot Show.  Named the Stubby, this little rifle was designed to shoot subsonic .308 out to 300 yards.  Granted, 300 yards is a pretty short range for a “sniper” rifle, but McMillan is trying to keep the platform as compact as possible, so they gave it a 12″ barrel.  So 300 yards isn’t that bad considering the Stubby is designed to shoot subsonic .308 which has a significant drop the farther out it travels. The Stubby’s buttstock can be removed and attached the the side of the receiver, and it also has a removable suppressor allowing the Stubby to be broken down into a small, easily transportable size.


So far, the Stubby is in its prototype phase and it’s only marketed primarily for military and law enforcement.  McMillan may bring it over to the civilian market but I would expect that version to have a 16″ barrel just to make it more accessible for a larger demographic.  Either way, I thinks a pretty cool rifle, and McMillan is known for extremely accurate long range platforms so I would expect the same from the Stubby.  At least one thing is for sure, it’ll make going to the range a lot easier by just bringing a 1.5’x1.5′ pelican case and a few boxes of ammo.

Check below for pics and short video overview.

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