Make Ready with Travis Haley

Posted by on June 29, 2011 in Gun Videos, Media, New Products, Rifles, Training |

Now we know what Travis Haley has been up to after Magpul Dynamics, and yes it’s another shooting DVD.  Haley partnered up with Panteao Production to add to their “Make Ready” series of videos.  It differs from how we’re used to seeing Travis, not only because his titanium bearded partner Chris Costa won’t be included, but the format of the video itself.  Make Ready with Travis  Haley utilizes a one on one format as opposed to the class format, which is aimed at giving the viewer a sense of personal instruction.  From the trailer below, it also seems that Travis spends just as much time going into the mental preparation for using the carbine in that “1%” scenario as much as he does with the physical attributes of shooting.  DVD pre-orders are being accepted now for $49.99, unless you buy multiple Make Ready DVDs at, then you can save a few bucks.


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