Magpul CTR Buttstock Review

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Magpul CTR Buttstock Review

Magpul’s CTR (Compact/Type Restricted) adjustable drop-in buttstock is a no-nonsense option for your AR15 platform. Although there are no storage compartments, cheek risers, or other extras you might find on other adjustable stocks, the four position, streamline A-frame design allows for light, fast action while preventing snagging and shielding the release latch. Other basic features of the CTR include a supplemental friction lock system that minimizes excessive stock movement as well as an ambidextrous QD sling mount that will accept any push-button sling swivel. A 0.30″ rubber butt-pad comes standard on the Mil-Spec Model to prevent slippage.

There are a few slight differences between the Mil-Spec and Commercial model to keep in mind should you decide to look into purchasing Magpul’s CTR.

Besides the standard differences in measurements between Mil-Spec and Commercial, the primary differences that could make a difference to you in favor of the Commercial Model is that the buffer tube has six positions to adjust to instead of four and the rubber butt-pad is 0.55″ thick instead of 0.30″ thick, which provides a little extra cushioning. These are small differences to be sure, but when customizing your AR15 it’s often the small things that make yours different from the other guy’s. Both models are made in the U.S.A. and will cost you about $80.

I have the Mil-Spec Model and have enjoyed it thoroughly. It was easy to install and is just as easy to use. It’s comfortable against my shoulder so I’m not too concerned about the slightly thicker rubber padding that I’m missing out on. I’m able to get the correct length with only four positions as opposed to six, but I can appreciate how six would be nice. Has anyone else tried one of these out on their rifles?







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