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LWRC makes some of the finest AR rifles on the planet and they’ve just updated their baseline M6 model by adding the M6-SL (Stretch Lightweight) to their lineup.  LWRC concentrated on lightening  up their new model making the lightest piston driven AR platform on the market.  The “stretch” portion of the name comes from the gas system, which uses a mid length system rather than the more common carbine length system giving the platform less recoil allowing for easily placed follow up shots.

The new LWRC M6-SL features the popular Magpul MOE such as mid-length handguards around its 16.1″ barrel and a MOE grip and buttstock on the back end.  Up top is a Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed sight and a standard A2 sight post.  The light contour, cold hammer forged barrel uses’s LWRC’s own NiCorr surface technology which allows for excellent wear resistance and lasting durability.  LWRC’s barrels are rated to spit out 20k rounds before needing replacement.  The fire control group is EXO plated along with the bolt and bolt carrier.

All these premium components and proprietary technologies equal exceptional quality, assuming, but they also come at a price.  I don’t have the exact price yet, but from what I’ve seen come out of LWRC, I wouldn’t hesitate to guess above the 2k mark, and I would hesitate to pay it either.  The LWRCs I’ve been luckily enough to squeeze off a few rounds with left me wanting to max out my credit card(s).  If you’re looking for the lightest piston driven AR that money buy, LWRC has it.




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