Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4×24 Optic

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Leupold HAMR review

Leupold has had some serious tactical successes lately.  First, their Mark 8 1.8-8×24 CQBSS was probably the most anticipated optic for 2011 due to its unprecedented versatility.  Next, the US Army selected Leupold’s ER/T M5 Auto-Locking Adjustment riflescope as their primary day time optic for their XM2010 sniper rifle.  So their newest tactical optic, the HAMR (High Accuracy Multi-Range) optic, has a lot to live up to.

Leupold’s new HAMR features Leupold’s illuminated CM-R² reticule which has a horseshoe type reticule with a BDC (bullet drop compensator) underneath as you can see from the image below.  The reticule is etched on the glass it is visible with or without the illumination.   Other features include 4x fixed magnification, waterproof construction, .1 mil adjustments, a total length of 5.5 inches and a weight of 12.9 ounces.  A picatinny mount is built into the HAMR, saving shooters some money negating the need to purchase a mount.  The HAMR is also available with Leupold’s 7.5 MOA delta point red dot sight, which is mounted atop the HAMR for CQC applications.

HAMR reticule pics

The Leupold HAMR’s concept brings to mind another popular optic, the Trijicon ACOG.  I’m sure with Leupold’s name behind the HAMR, its bound to do well despite similar products already on the market.  The Leupold Mark 4 HAMR has an MSRP around $1,600 but I’ve seen them around the $1,300 dollar mark which makes it slightly less expensive than Trijicon’s pricing for their similar setup.

HAMR Review

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