Kel-Tec PRM 30 SMG Prototype

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Kel Tec PMR 30 SMG

Kel-Tec has recently produced a developmental prototype based off of the PRM 30 pistol.  They claim that this new fully auto pistol can feed 30 rounds of rimmed 22 WMR 100% reliably.

It features a conical flash hider and the ability to hold 3 magazines in the stock.  This is a very nice feature giving you the ability to carry 90 rounds plus the 30 in the gun. The PRM 30 SMG prototype would need a 16″ barrel and be produced in semi auto to go on sale to a decent sized market.

In my opinion the conical flash hider looks a bit wimpy and attachment area that holds the stock onto the pistol could use some beefing up. 

Kel-Tec Says:

The PMR-30 SMG is a full-auto only developmental prototype. It is not available for purchase, and was specifically created to prove that 30 rounds of rimmed 22 WMR can feed 100% reliably.

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