Improved Steyr M-A1 and S-A1

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Steyr M-A1 Review

When the first Steyr M-A1 starting hitting American shores again, there was one constant complaint, the triggers.  Shooters were complaining that the triggers felt “spongy” and the pull wasn’t consistent.  I talked to Scott O’Brien of Steyr at the Shot Show Range day about the changes Steyr made to their newly imported handguns.  He said that Steyr takes customer feedback seriously, and when the calls started coming in Steyr acted upon it; listening to customer complaints, Steyr introduced new triggers on the M-A1 and S-A1.

I got a chance at SHOT SHOW to try the new M-A1 trigger and it felt good.  Granted, I didn’t have the chance to shoot a M -A1 with the original trigger, but I did dry fire one that was in my local gun shop (it was in the consignment section about a week after Steyr started importing them–probably because of that “spongy” trigger).  The trigger draw and break is adequate, I have no real reservations about it being that I was able to put my rounds on target with the M-A1.  The real make or break aspect with the Steyr M-A1 or S-A1 will be the unorthodox sights.

M-A1 Review

The angeled rear sight combined with the triangle front sight post makes for one weird sighting system.  It took about 5 rounds to finally get used to it, but after I think they grew on me.  The sights definitely fall in the love or hate em category; however, I was able to hit a target a 100 yards with them.  Above you can see a photo of the M-A1 and S-A1 and below a video of me trying the Steyr M-A1 with its improved trigger.  The first 5 or so rounds are on a paper target 15 yards away and the remaining rounds are at a steel IPSC target 100 yards away which I hit on the final shot.

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