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HPR V-MAX Ammo Review[FULL DISCLOSURE:  HPR is a Gunblog.com advertiser]

HPR has been supporting Gunblog.com since our start last year;  Almost every review we’ve done, involved the use of HPR ammo.  Personally, I’ve loved their stuff since the first time I’ve shot with it.  It shoots clean and accurate and costs just as much as anything you’re going to buy at Wal-Mart, plus it has the best packaging in the industry hands down.  Yes, I know they support Gunblog.com, but in all honesty I’m pretty much just giving the money back to them since I order so much ammo through them.

I was ecstatic when placing my last order through them to see they have a new round out now–The 60 grain V-Max Match Grade .223.  I’ve always found their 55 grain to suffice all my accuracy needs so I was extremely curious to see how their match grade stuff would perform.  We have about 200 rounds of it sitting on the shelf getting ready for the range and we’ll be sure to tell you guys how it goes.

The new HPR V-Max Match .223 is 100 percent American made in Scottsdale, AZ.  It features HPR’s HyPerClean technology, is made from factory processed brass, contains 1/10th grain consistency and all rounds are hand inspected.  To top it off, the bullets are polymer tipped and streamlined for ultra flat trajectories. A box of 50 will run you $27.99.  We’ll give you a range report on the HPR V-Max Match grade .223 after we send all of those rounds down range.

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