Mossberg’s M500 Flex Modular Shotgun

Mossberg’s M500 Flex Modular Shotgun


If you haven’t noticed from the last couple posts, shotguns are on my mind at the moment. I was reading through my May issue of Guns & Ammo and the first thing I turn to is their cover story on Mossberg’s M500 Flex modular shotgun. The concept of modular firearms interests me a lot, so after reading their article I decided to head over to Mossberg’s web page and get more info. The following is what I found over at their site.

Flexible, versatile and virtually limitless for fit, style and application. Wouldn’t everyone want a gun that is flexible enough to fit that description? Now with the innovative, patented and patent-pending Mossberg FLEX Series modular shotgun and accessory system, your Mossberg 500® or 590® pump-action shotgun can be that gun; easily converted in seconds without the need for tools. From a rugged tactical platform to a foul-weather hunting tool to a compact home defense gun, you can FLEX YOUR MOSSBERG!

At the core of this unique, adaptive system is the patented and patent-pending TLS

™ (Tool-less Locking System), a series of three connectors that allow stocks, forends and recoil pads to be switched for a variety of shooting applications or easily “custom fit” your Mossberg, regardless of the shooter’s stature. Eleven 500/590 FLEX 12-gauge shotgun base models and 16 FLEX accessory components will be offered initially. Adding to the versatility is Mossberg’s extensive line of 500/590 accessory barrels which are compatible with FLEX shotgun systems.

Start by choosing a FLEX shotgun base model from three 500 All-Purpose, four 500/590 Tactical and four 500 Hunting options; each with 12-gauge, 3-inch chambers. Select 500 FLEX All-Purpose and 500 FLEX Hunting shotguns feature Mossberg’s patent-pending LPA

™ (Lightning Pump Action™) Adjustable Trigger System. This revolutionary trigger system, a first for pump-action shotguns, is user-adjustable from 3 to 8 pounds with an Allen wrench and provides a rifle-like, creep-free trigger pull.

FLEX All-Purpose models come with 26 or 28-inch vent rib, ACCU-CHOKE™ ported barrels with matte metal finishes or optional all-weather Marinecote™ finish; full-length synthetic stock fit with our medium recoil pad (14 ½-inch LOP); and standard synthetic forend. Both constructed of durable synthetic with black matte finish. FLEX 500/590 Tactical models are available with matte, OD Green and Coyote Tan finishes on barrels and receivers; tactical tri-rail forends which can accommodate a touchpad; stock options that include standard synthetic (14 ½-inch LOP), six-position adjustable tactical or pistol grip; and cylinder bore 18 ½-inch stand-off barrel or 20-inch barrel with 6-round total capacity or 9-round total capacity with the 590 Tactical. FLEX Hunting models are available with 24 or 28-inch vent rib barrels and choice of OD Green, Coyote Tan, Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Infinity™ or Realtree MAX-4® camo receiver finishes. Standard full-length stocks and forends feature Infinity or MAX-4 finishes as well. Now that you have selected your base model, it’s easy to FLEX YOUR MOSSBERG!

Without tools, your FLEX shotgun can easily be purpose-built with a wide range of Mossberg accessories that feature the TLS connector system. These include three recoil pads (3/4-inch, 1 ¼-inches and 1 ½-inches thick); four synthetic forends (three standard and one tactical tri-rail); and nine stock options. Choose from our standard full-length stocks with 12 ½, 13 ½ and 14 ¼-inch LOPs; pistol grip; six-position adjustable tactical stock; and four-position adjustable, dual-comb hunting stock. Forends and stocks feature black matte, Break-Up Infinity and MAX-4 finishes. Your options are endless with this modular system.

Don’t forget that at the core of this system is the legendary 500/590 pump-action platform with its field proven design featuring non-binding twin action bars; positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator for smooth, reliable operation; anodized aluminum receiver; and universally-recognized ambidextrous top-mounted safety. The base platform of this ultimate, adaptive shotgun is rugged, reliable and comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

Mossberg’s FLEX Series shotgun specifications table was too large to post up, but the price range was between $593-$826 depending on the setup. I was able to post their accessories table though to give you an idea of cost.

Mossberg FLEX Series Accessories Specifications:ITEM DESCRIPTION MSRP
95210 FLEX Recoil Pad Assembly – 3/4 inch (SMALL) $24
95211 FLEX Recoil Pad Assembly – 1 1/4 inch (MEDIUM) $24
95212 FLEX Recoil Pad Assembly – 1 1/2 inch (LARGE) $36
95213 FLEX Tactical Tri-Rail Forend – Black $46
95214 FLEX Standard Forend – Black $34
95216 FLEX Standard Forend – MOBU Infinity $46
95217 FLEX Standard Forend – Realtree MAX-4 $46
95218 FLEX Pistol Grip – Black $29
95219 FLEX 6-Position Adjustable Stock – Black $108
95221 FLEX 4-Position Adjustable Hunting Stock with Dual Comb – Black $145
95222 FLEX 4-Position Adjustable Hunting Stock with Dual Comb – MOBU Infinity $156
95223 FLEX Standard Stock 12 ½-inch LOP – Black (Compact) $77
95224 FLEX Standard Stock 14 ¼-inch inch LOP – Black (Full-Length) $77
95226 FLEX Standard Stock 13 ½-inch LOP – Black (Medium) $77
95227 FLEX Standard Stock 13 ½-inch LOP – MOBU Infinity (Medium) $96
95228 FLEX Standard Stock 13 ½-inch LOP Realtree MAX-4 (Medium) $96

Mossberg encourages you to, “FLEX YOUR MOSSBERG with the newest, most-innovative concept in shotgun customization!” What I would be interested to know is how many of you are interested in purchasing a modular shotgun? With the KSG on the market and the UTS-15 scheduled to arrive shortly, is Mossberg’s M500 Flex modular shotgun both interesting and competitive enough to attract you and your wallet?

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UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun Update

UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun Update

A recent news release has further confirmed Jeff Compoc’s March, 2011 blog concerning the UTS-15 tactical shotgun, plus provided a little more info.

In case you missed Compoc’s entry, the UTS-15 tactical shotgun is a close-quarters 12 ga. pump action shotgun with two 7-round alternately feeding or selectable magazine tubes; it measures 28.3” in overall length with a 18.5” barrel, chambers for 2 3/4” and 3” magnum ammunition. It weighs in at 6.9 lbs as a result of it being constructed primarily of fiber reinforced injection molded polymer (over 80-percent) and 100-percent polymer receiver. The shotgun requires no tools for field stripping, which takes about 60 seconds.

A top mounted picatinny rail will allow for mounting both iron and optical sights; coupled with Beretta style barrel threading for choke tubes makes the UTS-15 an incredibly versatile shotgun (sights and choke tube pictured not included). An optional built-in LED spotlight and laser night-sight provides point-and-shoot night-fighting capability.

Currently manufactured in Turkey and being sold to the civilian market outside the U.S., the shotgun will be available stateside in late spring once production in the U.S. is underway. MSRP is expected to be around $1,200.

Between the KSG and UTS-15, which way are you leaning?



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Kel Tec KSG 12 Gauge Shotgun Preview

Kel Tec KSG 12 Gauge Shotgun Preview

Although its 2011 end of year release was delayed, the KSG is now being shipped. Jeff Compoc gave us a a great glimpse of Kel-Tec’s KSG back in January 2011, and much of this shotgun remains the same.

The Good:
•Kel-Tec has corrected a previous flaw relating to trigger reset.
•Slits have been added to the magazines to show if there is ammo in them.
•The price in stores should be in the mid $500-$600 range.

The Bad:
•The magazine selector switch is still far behind the trigger, which makes transitions from one magazine to the other awkward.

The Ugly:
•At this point there has been at least one report of the lower picatinny rail breaking while equipped with a vertical forward grip. The specifics of how and why have not yet been answered, but an issue such as this is not one you want to be hearing about after a delayed release.

Final Thoughts:
Despite the possible rail issue and awkward selector switch I’m still eagerly waiting to find one in stock at my local shop, or better yet at the firing range. Has anyone else had a chance to lay their hands on one of these yet?

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Saiga 12 Price being Reduced…

The firearms market is a very sensitive and reactionary market with sometimes politics being the price driving motivator.  When the ATF proposed a ban on all non sporting shotguns (a proposal that was as vague as it is unnecessary), the demand for popular Saiga 12 shotguns soared through the roof.  I immediately started seeing local gun shops upping their price in anticipation of not being able to sell Saiga shotguns anymore.  Well despite these fears, Century Arms is lowering their price on Saiga 12 shotguns and offering free shipping to dealers–so in short, if you see a stock Saiga 12 at your local gunshop for an outrageous price, and the seller cites the possible ban or shortage of shotguns for the sticker shock price, you might not want to believe their hype since they’re getting them cheaper than they were before.



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UTS-15 Shotgun

UTS-15 Review

Turkish shotgun maker UTAS, who has been importing shotguns into the US market quite a bit the last few years, are going to be producing the UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun.  This behemoth pump action shotgun shares quite a few features of the Kel-Tec KSG bullpup shotgun, with some added extras.

The UTS-15 is a dual magazine pump action shotgun which has a total capacity of 14+1 similar to the Kel-Tec KSG.  The UTS-15‘s magazine tubes differ from the KSG by having a selector switch that no only allows just to switch over from tube to tube, but can be switched to have the UTS-15 automatically alternate between tutbes.  Also, the UTS-15 features a shell counter along the top giving an operator an exact round count.

A picatinny rail runs a long the entire top of the UTS-15 which hosts the iron sights and allowing a choice  optics to be placed; the body of this tactical shotgun is made from carbon fiber cutting the weight down significantly.  Built into the lower receiver is a button operated laser and light, furthering the tactical pitch of the UTS-15.   Despite its appearance, the UTS-15 has an overall length of 27″ and weighs only 7.2 lbs (assuming that’s unloaded).

Due to the recent ATF ban on importing shotguns, and assuming the UTS-15 wouldn’t be considered as a “sporting” shotgun (I still consider 3 gunning a sport, but I digress), UTAS will be producing the UTS-15 in the United States for sale.  It looks like later this year will be a battle of the bullpup shotguns.  Although the bullpup shotgun has been around for a while, its never been placed in a wide market or produced on a large scale for civilian use.  Its going to be interesting to see this relatively new genre of pump action shotgun hit the scene.  I don’t have a price on the UTS-15, but given the amount of features and materials used, I would put the price around the 1k mark, give or take a couple hundred.

(Hat tip and special thanks for the pictures to

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