Brett Favre Shooting a Remington Versa Max

Retired (for now, but who knows) Brett Favre was treated to a bird hunting trip by Remington to try out their new Versa Max shotgun. The Versa Max is Remington’s newest semi automatic shotgun whose best feature is being able to handle almost any load 12 gauge from 2 3/4″ – 3 1/2″ Magnum shells. The Versa Max achieves this by its Versaport gas system which opens or closes gas ports based on the size of the shell.

Check out Favre in the videos below using the Versa Max. He’s not that bad of a shot considering it seems like his first time bird hunting.


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Improved Steyr M-A1 and S-A1

Steyr M-A1 Review

When the first Steyr M-A1 starting hitting American shores again, there was one constant complaint, the triggers.  Shooters were complaining that the triggers felt “spongy” and the pull wasn’t consistent.  I talked to Scott O’Brien of Steyr at the Shot Show Range day about the changes Steyr made to their newly imported handguns.  He said that Steyr takes customer feedback seriously, and when the calls started coming in Steyr acted upon it; listening to customer complaints, Steyr introduced new triggers on the M-A1 and S-A1.

I got a chance at SHOT SHOW to try the new M-A1 trigger and it felt good.  Granted, I didn’t have the chance to shoot a M -A1 with the original trigger, but I did dry fire one that was in my local gun shop (it was in the consignment section about a week after Steyr started importing them–probably because of that “spongy” trigger).  The trigger draw and break is adequate, I have no real reservations about it being that I was able to put my rounds on target with the M-A1.  The real make or break aspect with the Steyr M-A1 or S-A1 will be the unorthodox sights.

M-A1 Review

The angeled rear sight combined with the triangle front sight post makes for one weird sighting system.  It took about 5 rounds to finally get used to it, but after I think they grew on me.  The sights definitely fall in the love or hate em category; however, I was able to hit a target a 100 yards with them.  Above you can see a photo of the M-A1 and S-A1 and below a video of me trying the Steyr M-A1 with its improved trigger.  The first 5 or so rounds are on a paper target 15 yards away and the remaining rounds are at a steel IPSC target 100 yards away which I hit on the final shot.

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Regent R100 1911

Regent 1911 Review

Umarex USA introduced their R100 1911 pistol at Shot Show this year but what separates the Regent 1911 from others is the price.  The Regent 1911-A1 has a suggest retail of $499 but I’ve seen them going already for much lower.  Shooters should be able to find the Regent 1911 from 400-500 dollars making this centennial classic easier to obtain.  If you’re thinking it’s made of cheap material, well you would be wrong.

While the Regent 1911 is basically a vanilla pistol, it still comes with standard Hogue grips, a stainless steel hammer forged barrel and a low cut ejection port.  Later on this year, Umarex will be releasing a stainless steel version that will retail for $599.

If the Regent 1911 is reliable, and uses all MIL-Spec parts, then I could see it being a great starter 1911.  The 1911 has one of the biggest selection of aftermarket parts so one could easily start upgrading their budget 1911 and quickly have a superb pistol.  Hopefully can obtain one soon to give you guys a full review.

Regent 1911 Review

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FN Herstal SCAR 17s Review

SCAR-H Review

Since the announcement of the SCAR (Special Operations Forces [SOF] Combat Assault Rifle) a few years ago, the 21st century assault rifle has had a huge following.  The SCAR program has been adopted by the U.S. military to supplement their existing needs and to anticipate future demands required from our military’s assault rifles.  The SCAR has received a wide appreciation for those soldiers who were fortunate enough to be issued one, which naturally transferred into a large civilian demand for FN Herstal’s newest assault rifle.

The SCAR 16s (MK 16 SCAR-L MOD 0 being the military version), has had a warm reception in the civilian market.  From the time it’s been available to civilians, shooters have raved about its reliability, out of the box features, accuracy and ease of use.  The only thing the civilian SCAR was lacking was a .308 version.  Since there was an MK 17 SCAR-H available for the military, everyone assumed (and eventually were correct) that the version would transfer over to the civilian sector.

I remember talking to an RSR representative in 2009 about if/when the SCAR 17s would be available; his exact response was, “don’t hold your breath.”  Late last year, those waiting could finally exhale—FNH started shipping out SCAR17s in limited quantities, creating a collective rejoice and extreme demand for those wanting the extended range and “oomph” of the .308 cartridge on the SCAR platform. has been privileged enough to have had a FNH SCAR 17s for a few months to review—FN Herstal’s new hard hitting battle rifle was everything we were expecting from anticipation about the performance to expectation about the price.

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Colt New Agent for 2011

At SHOT SHOW this year, I got a chance to handle the new Colt New Agent.   The New Agent has been out for a while, but this year Colt is expanding the line.  The pocket pistol now comes in three variates–a .45 ACP Single Action, a 9mm Single Action and a .45 ACP double action only.

Each model features a 3″ barrel, a snag free design, a skeletonized aluminum trigger and a compact overall length of only 6 3/4″.  All these features make it an ideal concealed carry pistol.  Along with offering a DAO model, Colt is also offering XS Big Dot Sights on their New Agents for 2011.

The XS Big Dot Sights are my favorite type of sights for my concealed carry pistols.  The big dot is extremely easy to pick up.  For a suitable sight picture, one only needs to “dot the i;”  just align the big dot front sight in the center of the “v” shaped rear sight, which has a white line down the center.

NOTE: Do not hold a gun like this. The XS rep held it like this just for the photo, the gun was unloaded; however, it is still dangerous to hold a firearm like this!!!

At the SHOT SHOW range day, I was able to test out Colt’s 2011  New Agent and I was impressed with it for the 20 or so rounds I got with the pistol.  Recoil wasn’t as bad as I would expect from a .45 coming out of a 3″ inch barrel and the XS Big Dot Sight combined with the minuscule sight radius of the Colt New Agent made getting a good sight picture a breeze.  Check below for a quick video of me trying out the Colt New Agent at the SHOT SHOW range day.

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Beretta Tx4 Storm Shotgun

Last year, quietly, Beretta released a semi-auto shotgun addition to their Storm line dubbed the Tx4 Storm.  Now there wasn’t too much hype about the Tx4 when it first came out, and probably out of all of Beretta‘s brands, I would say the Tx4 received almost no publicity compared to its cousins the Px4 and Cx4.  It wasn’t until SHOT show this year that I was finally able to get up close with the new Beretta Shotgun, and I’m glad I was finally introduced to this Italian semi-auto shotgun.

The Beretta Tx4 is a gas operated semi-auto shotgun that shares a lot of qualities with shotguns from its sister company Benelli.  Firing it felt very similiar to a Benelli M2 tactical.  Also, just like a Benelli, the Tx4 “knows” the difference between pulling the charging handle and firing the gun in regards to how the shells are chambered–meaning that if you pull the charging handle to expel a shell that is currently in the chamber, the Tx4 will not load another shell in the chamber.  This comes in hand when doing on the spot ammo changeovers; it keeps the chamber empty and will allow you to throw a slug in there for impromptu longer shots.

The Tx4 weighs only 6.4 pounds unloaded and has an 18″ barrel making it a pretty agile shotgun.  It features a cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, a button operated ambidextrous safety, and a picatinny rail with ghost ring sights.  The one area where I found the Tx4 coming up a little short was the ammo capacity which tops off at only 5+1 rounds.  However, a source from Beretta who wished to be unnamed, assured me that a lot of aftermarket accessories made for certain Benelli shotguns, such as magazine extension tubes, would fit and work on the Tx4.  The MSRP of the Tx4 is quite high for its class though, it comes in right under $1,500.Beretta TX4 Stand Off Device Optima HP Choke Tube CL

The Beretta Media representative assured that we would be receiving one to review by the Summer.  I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be soon.  I plan on putting one of Benelli‘s Tx4 Stand Off Device Optima Choke tube as seen above and maybe try to fit some of those extension tubes to see which ones will work.  Either way, its going a great review so be sure to check back later on when Beretta finally sends us a Tx4 to review.

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