UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun Update

UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun Update

A recent news release has further confirmed Jeff Compoc’s March, 2011 blog concerning the UTS-15 tactical shotgun, plus provided a little more info.

In case you missed Compoc’s entry, the UTS-15 tactical shotgun is a close-quarters 12 ga. pump action shotgun with two 7-round alternately feeding or selectable magazine tubes; it measures 28.3” in overall length with a 18.5” barrel, chambers for 2 3/4” and 3” magnum ammunition. It weighs in at 6.9 lbs as a result of it being constructed primarily of fiber reinforced injection molded polymer (over 80-percent) and 100-percent polymer receiver. The shotgun requires no tools for field stripping, which takes about 60 seconds.

A top mounted picatinny rail will allow for mounting both iron and optical sights; coupled with Beretta style barrel threading for choke tubes makes the UTS-15 an incredibly versatile shotgun (sights and choke tube pictured not included). An optional built-in LED spotlight and laser night-sight provides point-and-shoot night-fighting capability.

Currently manufactured in Turkey and being sold to the civilian market outside the U.S., the shotgun will be available stateside in late spring once production in the U.S. is underway. MSRP is expected to be around $1,200.

Between the KSG and UTS-15, which way are you leaning?



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Sig Sauer P226 MK25

Sig MK25 Pics

Yesterday we told you that SIG SAUER is going to stop producing the SIG P226 Navy and replace it with the new Sig P226 MK 25.  Today, we have the pics and info of the new SIG P226 MK 25.

The new Sig P226 MK 25 is the exact (I mean exact) same pistol our US Navy SEAL teams are carrying today.  And when I say exact, I mean even the name.  Its rare to see the civilian version of a firearm and its military counterpart to share the exact same nomenclature, but in this rare case, the Navy gave Sig its blessing to do so.  This is not a commemorative pistol either, it is the exact same gun SIG SAUER  produces for its contract with the Navy.

So what are you, and the Navy SEALS getting with the P226?  Well it comes with 2 piece grips, night sights, a true 1913 picatinny rail and all of the internal parts have been phosphate coated.  Even the UID identification label is the same as the Navy’s.

I can see Fanboys (and girls) of SIG SAUER and the Navy SEALS jumping all over this (and I’m sure if you drew a Venn diagram of these two demographics, the two circles would lay on top of each other).  With as proven and reliable as the P226 is, and its use by our most elite soldiers, I’m sure Sig has a winner with this new P226 MK25–the question is, are they going to make enough of them and are you going to be able to find one?  Check below for pics and specs.

Sig MK25 pics

Sig MK25 PicsSig Sauer Navy MK25


  • Caliber 9MM
  • Overall Length 7.70 in
  • Overall Height 5.50 in
  • Overall Width 1.50 in
  • Barrel Length 4.40 in
  • Sight Radius 6.30 in
  • Sights SIGLITE® Night sights
  • Weight w/Magazine 34.4 oz
  • Frame Material Alloy
  • Frame Finish Nitron®
  • Slide Material Stainless Steel
  • Slide Finish Black hard anodized
  • Magazine Capacity 15 Rounds
  • Trigger DA/SA
  • Trigger Pull DA 10.0 lbs / SA 4.4 lbs
  • Features UID identifi cation label, anti-corrosion coatings on controls and internal components, anchor engraving
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Advanced Armament’s Honey Badger

AAC Rifle

AAC (Advanced Armament Corp.) needs to change that “C” from Corp. to Concepts because they keep teasing us with these concept guns they’re producing.  AAC posted yesterday their newest creation–the Honey Badger.

This thing looks ridiculously cool with all things AAC.  According to the AACblog.com, the Honey Badger was designed as a replacement for the MP5SD except that it shoots AAC’s proprietary round, the 300Blackout.  I tried getting some specifics today from AAC but since they’re not sure if its going to go to retail, they’re pretty tight lipped (hopefully we can convince them to send us some pictures).  But judging from the pictures, its built off an AR-15 platform with some very nice changes.  The Buttstock looks particularly appealing along with the handguards that resemble somewhat the Remington’s RGP handguards.  Also, who could miss that massive can–which makes me wonder if its integrally suppressed? The only thing this thing is missing to make it more AAC is a complete Argyle paint job to match Mer’s sweaters.

Well judging from the cool stuff AAC has been putting out lately it seems that being part of Freedom Group has its advantages.  I find it ironic that they’ve named their newest toy the Honey Badger, because AAC, just like the honey badger, just doesn’t give a $h!t, and they’re probably going to keep putting out sick stuff like this.  We’ll keep you updated with specs and pics if we ever get them.

AAC Honey Badger pics

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SCAR 17s Sniper

Officially announced at Paris’s MILIPOL, FNH will be producing the previously teased SCAR-H PR (precision rifle).  The SCAR-H PR is similar to the SCAR 17-S that we reviewed a few months back with some improvements to create one mean semi-auto precision rifle.

FNH’s SCAR-H PR features a 20″ heavy barrel and a match type 2 stage trigger.  The buttstock looks the same as the standard SCAR-H as well as the other standard features such as the sights and the caliber (7.62×51 NATO).  I would have liked to see a more dedicated precision buttstock to further differentiate the standard SCAR-H from the SCAR-H PR, but the standard stock works and it works well.  Also, if the pictures are accurate, I’m dissapointed that FNH didn’t include the PWS compensator with this model being that it proved to work so well with the SCAR 17S we reviewed.  Either way,  I’m sure soldiers in the field, especially DMRs, will welcome the SCAR-H PR with open arms if issued to them.

No word if FNH will offer a SCAR-17s PR (a civilian version) but I’m sure it would fly off the shelves just like the standard SCAR 17S did, even if it would have an expected inflated price.

SCAR sniper rifle

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Magpul Dynamics Driving Video ?

Chris Costa Driving Video

They started off with Art of the Tactical Carbine, then naturally followed that up with a hit sequel Art of the Tactical Carbine II.  After that, Magpul Dynamics put out Art of the Dynamic Handgun and Art of the Dynamic Shotgun.  So, you would think they would be done with their soon to be released Art of the Precision Rifle–well, not so fast, or very fast depending on how you look at it.

If you’ve been paying attention to Magpul’s facebook and blog, you’ll see that they’ve been working on vehicles for quite a while.  They actually have a facebook page called Magpul Heavy, which they showcase some of the vehicles they’ve been playing with.  At SHOT SHOW ’10, some attendees at internet viewers could have seen Magpul’s Unimog, which  perfectly epitomizes Magpul in a vehicle.  Also, Magpul just came back from Europe, where they were competing in the Breslau Rallye with one of their modified Unimogs.  So why would Magpul be dumping all this money into vehicles; I doubt they’re about to release Unimogs or even their motorcycle, the Ronin, anytime soon.  Plus, that’s not really the Magpul family’s style.  Magpul usually tests, tests, and then test their product some more then Magpul Dynamics will tease us with shots of the products in their videos (take a look at Art of the Tactical Carbine II and you’ll spot the Masada, aka ACR, and some other products they released after the video).  So the only thing left since they’ve ran out of gun platforms to instruct on, would be a platform that all shooters universally utilize in one way or another–a vehicle.

Magpul Unimog

“Oh Gunblog, you’re just speculating.” Are we?  I will say, I have unofficial confirmation that they have definitely shot footage for this upcoming video.  From who?  Well, lets just say if there was a horse’s mouth, his bearded one would be it.  We were asked not to release this info at the time it was given to us, since it was in casual conversation; however, with repeated emails going unanswered asking if we can release the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video news has lead us to believe they won’t mind.

Magpul Truck

When asked about the Dynamic Driving Video our source had some very interesting things to say such as, “We rented a Cadillac CTS and by the end of an afternoon of shooting, the tires on that thing were completely bald; the car rental company is definitely going to have to buy new tires for it.  We had it screeching the whole way around the track.”  I asked if there was anything about guns in the video, and sadly I don’t believe there will be.  If the video is fully produced and released, it’ll probably focus more on defense driving, and military driving techniques such as evasive driving and driving in combat conditions.  Expect it to be like Magpul’s Arial Platform video, but with less gun play and less for a military niche market and more applicable to a broader base since everyone drives.

Magpul Motorcycle

Hopefully, we don’t get in too much trouble for releasing this info, being that it hasn’t been confirmed (I would hate for the last words I hear to be, “BUST ‘EM!!!).  The only thing that we know for sure is that they’ve shot footage, no word on if or when the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video will be released, but it would be completely awesome to see Chris Costa drifting around in a CTS.


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California Compliant S&W M&P 15

Shooters in the legislatively challenged state of California are going to finally be able to get their hands on the popular Smith and Wesson MP-15s.  Smith and Wesson is now producing California compliant AR-15s with all the normal frustrating modifications that make them legal in California.

The new California compliant MP-15s will include the reduced magazine capacity of only 10 rounds, and it will include the dreaded bullet button.  For those who don’t know, a bullet button is a modification to a standard magazine release button that requires a tool to be inserted in order to release the magazine.  The bullet button received its name because shooters have to use the tip of a bullet in order to drop a magazine.  The “legislative” logic behind the requirement stems from the presumption that it will take more time to change a magazine, hence making the weapon less dangerous–I tend to think that if someone was going to use a gun for violence, then I doubt they’ll respect a law about a bullet button and just use a weapon that does not have one; however, I digress.

Smith and Wesson will be making available almost their entire M&P 15 line to California shooters with the exception of the VTAC models.  The SPORT ($709), the M&P15T ($1,159), the gas piston M&P15PS ( $1,359), the .22lr M&P15-22  ($499) and the M&PORC ($1,069) will all soon be available in California gun shops.  They’re not as enjoyable as their less regulated brethren, but at least it’s something for our California shooters.

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