New Trijicon SRS Red Dot

Trijicon has a new reflect sight coming out next year that hosts some features never seen before in a red dot sight.  Some features are just improvements over the existing higher end red dots on the market, such as a much wider field of view and its a little smaller.  The most innovative feature on the new Trijicon SRS is that it uses solar cells to extend battery life to a length of about 3 years on a single AA battery.

Along with a battery life that almost matches that of the Aimpoint line of red dots, it seems it is shorter than the EoTechs and has a greater field of view.  Its stubbiness also eliminates that “tube-effect” view that’s common on red dot sights wither a longer tube.  Here is the full press release from Trijicon on their new SRS:

October 10, 2011 – The profile length of the new Trijicon SRS™ is short and the advanced list of features is long, as the innovative products continue from Trijicon. The new Trijicon SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight) is a reflex-type sight with a unique optical design, housed in a body length of only 3.75 inches, that virtually eliminates the “tube-effect” common with other, competitive red dot sights. The result—a field of view that essentially provides no obstruction to shooters. That means lightning fast target engagements at CQB distances with no distraction from the shooter’s situational awareness. The SRS is ideal for military, law enforcement and recreational applications on a variety of firearm platforms from AR’s to shotguns.

Equally impressive is the technology built into powering a LED lighted 1.75 MOA aiming point that includes ten brightness settings – including three NVG settings. The SRS is powered by a solar panel and a single, common AA battery. This uniquely patented configuration allows the user years of illumination life from a single battery by offering an intuitive “solar assist”, that is, drawing on battery power only when the solar cell requires additional energy support for illumination based on ambient conditions.

The Trijicon SRS™ is built to endure the rigors of extreme in-the-field use and carries the same stringent testing requirements as the renowned Trijicon ACOG® line of sighting systems. Additional features include a parallax-free objective lens, an auto-locking, self-adjusting level mount and waterproof to fifty meters.’s gearscout blog did a good write up with some good pics on the Trijicon which can be seen here. And here is their video:


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New Magpul MOE+ and MOE-K AR-15 Grips

MOE+ Review

First seen at SHOT SHOW 2010, Magpul has finally started shipping their newest AR-15 grip additions.  They have two new offerings.  The MOE+ and the MOE-K.

The MOE+ is basically a rubber MOE grip.  I had a chance to handle it at this year’s SHOT SHOW and I do prefer its grip to their original MOE.  The MOE+ gave a greater sense of control with the weapon and it was a much more comfortable grip.  Here is what Magpul has to say about its new MOE+:

The MOE+ Grip combines reinforced polymer body construction with comfortable, wrap-around rubber overmolding for maximum weapon control in adverse environments. With a similar shape to a ‘medium’ sized MIAD, this AR15/M16 drop-in design features a hard-polymer bottom edge to reduce the possibility of equipment snags or grip damage. The MOE+ Grip accepts optional storage cores for gear stowage and includes a basic grip cap. All mounting hardware included.

Magpul MOE+ Review
Magpul’s other new addition is their MOE-K which is geared towards PDW (Personal Defense Weapon).  It has a sleeker profile and snag free designed meant to cater to those security detail folks that may be getting in and out of cars a lot and have a need for a more compact weapon.  From Magpul:

Designed as a drop-in upgrade for the standard AR15/M16 pistol grip, The MOE-K Grip provides a low profile, compact design and steeper grip angle compared to more traditional styles.

With a more vertical grip angle optimized for use on PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) configurations, the MOE-K Grip improves comfort and control on rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body or body armor. The slim profile also makes it an excellent choice for shooters who prefer a smaller grip circumference.

Both are grips are available to order straight from Magpul’s website or check your local gun shop.  The MOE+ costs $23.95 and the MOE-K costs $19.95.


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Leupold VXR Patrol Optic

Leupold VXR Pics

Leupold got a good looking new tactical optic hitting the streets soon, the new Leupold VXR Patrol.  Its a 1.25-4x20mm scope that features an illuminated FireDot Special Purpose Reticle.  The new Leupold VXR Patrol shares a lot of the cool features of other VXR rifles released earlier this year such as Leupold’s MST (Motion Sensor Technology) which will automatically turn off the reticle illumination after the scope detects no motion for 5 minutes, saving battery life.  Along with a battery illuminated reticule, the VXR Patrol utilizes a fiber optic light pipe which will give a shooter a daytime illuminated reticle.

The VXR patrol also features a 30mm tube, Leupold’s Index Matched Lens System, DiamondCoat lenses, a one turn non locking eyepiece for adjusting from 1.25 to 4 times magnification.  Given the quality that Leupold puts out, and the features the VXR Patrol provides, it’s quite a deal with a price under $600.  The one thing that would make this a perfect close to mid range optic for me would be a true 0; 1.25 is ok, but there is a noticeable difference when using a true 0 magnification scope for close range work.  Either way, from the looks of the VXR Patrol, it looks to be a great deal.

VXR Patrol Review


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Mossberg MMR 556 AR-15s

Mossberg AR 15 Review

As if they weren’t enough firearm manufacturers making AR-15s, Mossberg has decided to make an AR-15 chambered in 5.56 to go along with their .22 plinker model.  They’re coming out with two versions, the MMR 556 Tactical and the MMR 556 Hunter.  No real draw dropping improvements to the very familiar platform, both have direct impingement gas systems, a single stage trigger, and familiar AR-15 ergonomics.  Both models also feature a Stark Ergo Pistol Grip that has an integrated battery storage compartment and an oversize trigger guard making them easier to operate with gloves on. Mossberg AR 15 Pics

The Mossberg MMR 556 Tactical will feature a free floating 16.25″ barrel with a 1:9 twist topped off with a traditional A2 flash hider.  A quad rail handguard and an A3 flattop upper receiver will allow a shooter to attach a variety of accessories.  The best part about the Mossberg MMR 556 tactical has to be the price.  Considering many of the features on this AR-15 would be purchased by shooters anyways, at a price of only $921 its like Mossberg is throwing them in for free.  If shooters wish to have a Mossberg MMR 556 Tactical without adjustable sights, then the price is knocked down to $885.Mossberg MMR 556 Review

The other Mossberg AR-15 model as the name implies, is designed for hunters.  Since the MMR 556 Hunter is chambered in 5.56, I would imagine it would probably only really be good as a varmint hunting rifle.  The Mossberg MMR 556 Hunter features a 20″ barrel a slimmer handguard, the old school A2 fixed stock ,dual sling swivel studs and comes with a 5 round magazine.  Shooters will have their choice of finish from black, Mossy Oak, or Mossy Oak Brush.  If potential owners of the Hunter model want one of the camo finishes they’ll have to fork out a little more cash; the Mossberg MMR 556 Hunter with a camo finish comes in at $1010, which is still not bad at all.

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PWS Woodland Series Rifle

PWS Wood Rifle

Primary Weapon Systems has an interesting rifle that they’ve just released.  Their new 5.56 Woodland Series Rifle, as the name would imply, features a wood stock, hand guards, and pistol grip.  From the pictures, the wood gives the rifle a nice look which is different  from most of the AR-15s out there that are usually tactical’d up.  The new PWS Woodland Series Rifle features black olive wood furniture, a 1:8 twist rate out of an 18″ stainless steel barrel, it weighs 7 lbs 10 oz and ships with a 20 round PMAG for $1300.  The most interesting thing for me about the PWS Woodland rifle is that it omits features that PWS are famous for–lack of a threaded barrel for attaching a PWS muzzlebrake and the Woodland Series Rifle uses a direct impingement gas system.  PWS is known for their piston systems so I was surprised to see them go with the traditional Ar-15 setup on this one.

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