Smith & Wesson M&P15-22P (Pistol)

Smith & Wesson MP15 22P Pistol Review
The All New Smith & Wesson M&P15-22P (Pistol) is set to be released in May 2010.  It’s a pistol design based on .22 rounds and the ability to hold 25 in the magazine.  Made with a blow back semi automatic  self loading action S&W claims to have this design reliably performing for the retail market.

Could you imagine what this thing would be like with suppressor? Damn sexy if you ask me.  In my opinion these are very novelty type weapons,  this new M&P15-22P is restricted for sale in: MA, CT, CA, MD, NJ, and NY and one would wonder why S&W would bring it to the market with a restricted amount of customers. 

Something about this weapon screams evil and its easy to draw its comparison against the Sig Sauer P556 another new and very popular hybrid pistol.  The Sig features a 10″ barrel while the M&P15-22P has an even shorter 6 incher.

This AR-style .22LR is polymer framed and based on the popular 15-22 rifle.  The full length optics rail along the top is a dream allowing you modify your pistol variant with ease.  The M&P15-22P has an MSRP of 585.00 and comes with the S&W lifetime service policy.

We expect to get one of these in our hands in the coming couple of months so stay tuned for a video and blog review on the new M&P15-22P Pistol by Smith & Wesson.

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