Raven Concealment SCAR 17s Mag Carrier

For those SCAR-H owners trying to find a magazine carrier for your magazines can now look to Raven Concealment Systems.  RCS makes some of the most popular kydex holsters on the market due to their quality and options, especially for those looking for a light bearing holster–they’re sometimes the only place where you’ll find them for a specific model.

I own a couple of RCS products and I have been completely satisfied with them so far.  I have no doubts that there are plenty of SCAR 17s owners out there that will be picking these up immediately.  The new RCS SCAR 17s magazine carriers are not up on the Raven Concealment website yet, but if you wish to order them, just add a rifle magazine carrier to your cart and state in the comment box you want the SCAR 17s–the only drawback is since everything RCS does is pretty much custom made, wait times for your order are usually long, but worth it.

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Brownells Paratrooper Charging Handle

Brownells is going to be selling a new AR-15 Charging handle called the Para-Trooper Changing handle.  This new charging handle has an oversized lever on the left hand side that folds against the receiver, creating a slim profile preventing it from snagging.  The Para-trooper charging handle opens instantly when tugged giving its operator more surface area along with a positive grip due to its deeply serrated edges.

It leaves plenty of clearance from scopes or optics that may be mounted on an A3 style upper since the paratrooper charging handle has a slight downward angle when in hte foled position.   The drop in ready Para-trooper charging handle is made out of 7075 T-6 solid billet alluminum with a Mil-Spec type III black hardcoat finish which matches most factory finishes.

I can see some shooters utilizing this type of charging handle. There’s a definite benefit to be seen from that larger latch, especially for SPR styles of AR-15 platforms that may have a large scope mounted up top which could prevent a positive and accessible grasp on the charging handle.  The price is relatively expensive at $99 compared to the popular PRI gas busting charging handles, or the BCM charging handles; however, the Brownells paratrooper charging handle provides twice the amount of surface area to grip with when extended while simultaneously having a slimmer profile while folded.   The Brownells Paratrooper Charging handle is available now at Brownells.com.

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PWS SRX (SCAR Rail Extension)

Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) has came out with a new, simple to install rail extension for the SCAR family of weapons.  The new SRX (SCAR Rail Extension) adds 5″ of picatinny real estate so SCAR owners have some more options to attach their accessories.  The SRX also features a sling swivel mounting point on each side and adds only about 7 ounces to the weight of the gun.

I would of loved to have this on the SCAR 17s we reviewed last month combined with an Magpul AFG.  I like getting that “out there” grip and the addition of the PWS SRX would of allowed me to shoot in my comfort zone.  The PWS SRX is available at PrimaryWeapons.com.

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Bushmaster GameGuard Predator


Bushmaster is now going to be releasing firearms with GameGuard camouflage starting with their Predator series of AR15s.  The GameGuard camouflage pattern is designed to fit the landscapes of Texas and the Southwestern United States and has become popular with numerous hunters in those regions.

The first Bushmaster rifle to get the GameGuard treatment will be the Bushmaster Predator.  The Predator is an AR 15 chambered in a hybrid SAAMI spec (.223 or 5.56) that features a 4.5 trigger pull, 20″ fluted ChromMoly barrel with a 1:8 twist and a 5 round magazine making it legal for hunting in most States.  The Predator is specifically designed to hunt varmit or predators that can cause havoc or be dangerous on ranchers’ or farmers’ lands.

I would expect Bushmaster to come out with more rifles with the GameGaurd camo patterns, specifically their .308 Hunter and Vista Hunter rifles.  The pattern is a hit and miss with most of my hunting friends; for me personally, the picture below makes me think that AR-15 is wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt.  But if the pattern conceals the hunter, that’s all that matters.  Expect the new GameGuard Camo’d Bushmaster rifles to be in your local gun shops soon.

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New Leupold Camo Finishes and Leupold VX2

Leupold is now going to be offering a new Mossy Oak camo finish to their popular VX-I and UltimateSlam 3-9x40mm scope models.  The Mossy Oak camo is applied to their popular hunting scopes with an advanced anodization process that bonds the camo pattern directly to the scope, making for one durable finish.  This will prove useful to hunters that may already own a Mossy Oak pattern rifle or shotgun letting them complete their concealment pattern on their guns.  A lot of whitetail deer hunters prefer the mossy oak pattern since they’re usually sitting up in a tree stand doing their best to stay hidden.

Along with their new Mossy Oak VX-I and UltimateSlam, Leupold will be releasing a new optic 1-5x optic called the VX2.  I don’t have too much information right now, but more will come.  From the looks of it and from the file I received, it looks to be at true 1-5x scope, which will definitely make it an instant favorite of 3 gunners provided it follows the same Leupold tradition of quality with its optics.  More to come later this week on the new Leupold VX2.


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Magpul 5 and 10 Round Limiters

Magpul is now shipping 5 and 10 round limiters for their Magpul 20 round magazines.  The magazines are designed for hunters and sport shooters.  At first, you would think these are aimed at the massive California shooting market to make their magazines legal; however, there is an explicit notice on their site stating that they indeed do not make the magazines legal in those states.

The magazine limiters installation appears to be almost effortless consisting of sliding off the floor plate and inserting the limiter on the spring.  I actually wouldn’t mind have a set of these for drills (I rarely load my magazines at full capacity when I perform drills).  For only fourteen bucks for a set of 3, I could stop worrying if I put 9 rounds or 10, or 11 in the magazine when loading them up before a tactical reload drill or speed reload drill.  It looks like the new Magpul magazine limiters are only available in the 5.56–no word if they’re going to make them for the 7.62 PMAG.

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