AAC .300 BLK AR-15


AAC showed off on their blog last week a new prototype that definitely caught my attention.  Although they claim that it is not in plans for production, and its only a prototype, they decided to tease us with a special AAC BLACKOUT lower that they built for the AAC front man Mers.  From what I can see, its a lower that has AAC stamped on it, which for me personally, gives it automatic cool points.

The more I think about it, the more I want a .300 BLK rifle.  Especially when I see it shot with subsonic ammo suppressed.  My personal favorite has to be the Argyle patterning on the top of the receiver, but the best thing about the AAC blackout is how quite it is using subsonic ammunition.   Check out the video below; go figure, a silencer company that knows how to make a very quite bullet…. who would of thought.



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New Lancer Magazines and QuickMag

Lancer Translucent Magazines

In the age of Magpul; it’s easy to forget that other companies make some good magazines for the AR15 as well.  A few years ago, Lancer Systems came out with the translucent magazine that we pretty successful but was quickly overshadowed by the by Magpul mania–I myself am guilty of also having this fever.  At Shot Show this year, I stopped by the unsuspecting Lancer Systems booth and was quite pleased with their improvements to durability and added features for their new magazines, the L5 Advanced Warfighter, along with some other new products they’ll be releasing this year.

The new Lancer L5 Advanced Warfighter magazine feature a one piece hardened formed steel feed lip which differs it from the completely polymer magazines or USGI magazines we’re accustomed to seeing.  To help against corrosion the steel feed lips are coated with PTFE.  Lancer Systems have also expanded the color options for the L5 magazine keeping its original translucent model but expanding it to 4 different hues which will also be offered in opaque or translucent and 20 or 30 round varieties.  Its nice to see options out there considering almost every single AR15 you see out there, including mine, is always featured with a Magpul magazine–not to say that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s nothing that will incite improvement like competition.  I handled the L5 Advanced Warfighter magazines at SHOT and I was impressed–Gunblog.com should have some soon for a complete review sometime before summer.

new Lancer Magazines

Along with the new magazines, Lancer Systems also have an extremely light carbon fiber handguard coming out this summer.  At SHOT these handguards looked great and were very light.  The handguards are coming out in carbine, mid, rifle, and extra long length.  The carbon fiber brought a high speed low drag look to them, and felt great.  There weren’t as slick (texture-wise) as they look, which is a good thing because the last thing we would want are handguards that slip and slide while handling them.

The last thing at the Lancer booth, and the most noticeable would be their new QuickMag attachment.  The first thing that came to my mind (and I’m sure yours as well) is, it’s a polymer RediMag.  Although it was hard to tell, I would say that the Lancer QuickMag will probably be a few ounces lighter than the RediMag, although it won’t be that noticeable with 2 full 30 round magazines attached to it.  Where the Lancer Systems QuickMag differs from the RediMag is in its operation.  There are a few more buttons and levers with the QuickMag.  The QuickMag can drop both magazines, or just one magazine, and it provides a separate button for the bolt catch and release.  It should be noted that the QuickMag is still in its development process and should be available late in 2011.


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McMillan Stubby

McMillan Suitcase Sniper

McMillan is working on a cool little suitcase sniper rifle prototype that they were showing off at this years Shot Show.  Named the Stubby, this little rifle was designed to shoot subsonic .308 out to 300 yards.  Granted, 300 yards is a pretty short range for a “sniper” rifle, but McMillan is trying to keep the platform as compact as possible, so they gave it a 12″ barrel.  So 300 yards isn’t that bad considering the Stubby is designed to shoot subsonic .308 which has a significant drop the farther out it travels. The Stubby’s buttstock can be removed and attached the the side of the receiver, and it also has a removable suppressor allowing the Stubby to be broken down into a small, easily transportable size.


So far, the Stubby is in its prototype phase and it’s only marketed primarily for military and law enforcement.  McMillan may bring it over to the civilian market but I would expect that version to have a 16″ barrel just to make it more accessible for a larger demographic.  Either way, I thinks a pretty cool rifle, and McMillan is known for extremely accurate long range platforms so I would expect the same from the Stubby.  At least one thing is for sure, it’ll make going to the range a lot easier by just bringing a 1.5’x1.5′ pelican case and a few boxes of ammo.

Check below for pics and short video overview.

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Nighthawk Tactical Devastator Shotgun

Nighthawk Devastator Review
The demand for a Remington 1100 with a collapsible stock was just too high for Nighthawk Tactical to ignore according to Mark Stone of Nighthawk.  So he handed off an 1100 to an unnamed engineer and said “make it work.”  Well, that unnamed engineer did just that.  Nighthawk Tactical took the recoil spring out of the buttstock and reversed it, placing in between the magazine tube and barrel, and shielding it with a custom picatinny’ed out forend.  The result, a sick looking, custom, Remington 1100 with a fully collapsible stock, and potentially a folding stock in the future.  The guys over at Nighthawk were a little tight lipped about some of the  specs of their new prototype semi-auto shotgun.  However, I do know its codenamed Devastator–and judging by the looks of this 12 gauge beast, I think it’s appropriately named.

No word yet on a release date, but expect the Nighthawk Tactical Devastator shotgun sometime this year.  So far they’ve put 5,000 shells through it, and haven’t experienced any problems so far with the reversed recoil spring.  As of now, the Devastator is in its final testing phase which consists of handing the Devastator over to Chris Costa and the guys over at Magpul Dynamics.  Mark Stone claimed that the Magpul Dynamics guys would, “put it through its paces,”  and for obvious reasons, I believe him.

Steve Fisher Magpul Dynamics

I was lucky enough to be present when Chris Costa and Steve Fisher came over to the Nighthawk Custom booth to discuss the new Devastator (and some other things that will be in posts to come).  So expect some changes between the photos here at Gunblog.com and the final Devastator that Nighthawk puts out.  I know they want to put a Magpul ASAP on there along with a QD swivel sling mount at the rear.  I asked Steve Fisher why he would want both, to which he replied that not everyone wants to run an ASAP, some people might want to run different slings, and this way they can.

I personally can’t wait to see the final product.  I know Chris Costa and Steve Fisher will use and abuse the Devastator and make it their… well you get the point.  And by using Nighthawk Tactical‘s previous custom shotguns as a precedent, I don’t have the slightest doubt that the Nighthawk Devastator will be one helluva shotgun.  Gunblog.com will keep you updated with the release date and final MSRP as soon as we find out.  Check out the pics below.


Well, I guess that huge Rhino rail should have gave it away,  but a little birdie told me that the main design did come from ETA.

Also, the recoil spring can be adjusted to be 35% tighter, or 35% looser than a standard 1187 recoil spring.  The main differences between ETA’s and Nighthawk Tactical’s is that Nighthawk Tactical applies their proprietary coating to the shotgun.
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Sig 50 BMG

Sig is releasing a brand new precision bolt rifle in .50 BMG called the SIG50.  No word yet on an exact release date as it’s still in its developmental stages; however, they had one on display at SHOT.  If you’re saying to yourself, “Hey that looks just like a McMillan Tac-50,” well you would be halfway right.  When designing the Sig50, Sig Sauer worked with McMillan for to meet some “international requirements,” as Dave Grimshaw states on the video below.  Does that mean a foreign military is looking at purchasing some Sig Sauer 50 BMG bolt action beasts?

The SIG50 features a match grade trigger that has a 3.5 pound break, has fully customizable ergonomics, a 29″ heavy fluted barrel and weighs 25 pounds.  The adjustable butt stock can also come off making it a little easier to transport.  Check out the specs, pics, and a short video of the SIG50 at Shot Show below.  My favorite has to be the red dot site–I would love to see someone do some CQB with a bolt action .50 BMG.

Caliber .50 BMG
Overall Length 57.0″
Length w/ Stock Removed 46.125″
Barrel Length w/Muzzle Brake 29.0″
Barrel Contour Heavy Fluted
Rifling Twist 1:15
Grooves 6 RH
Muzzle Break Side Ported, Thread On
Weight w/o Magazine 23.5 lb
Magazine Type Metal Box
Magazine Capacity 5 rounds
Trigger Single Stage Adjustable w/Safety
Trigger Pull 3.5 lbs

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AICS in Multicam

Spotted at Shot Show, the Accuracy International booth had some very awesome tactical artwork painted on their guns–complete with the Multicam (r) logo and everything.  I asked the representative there if they’re commercially available, and he replied “not yet;” yet being the keyword here.

Accuracy International put the stocks out as a “feeler” to see what kind of reaction they would get.  Well, from the looks of it, I’m willing to bet Accuracy International will be releasing these beauties.  I asked if AI received overwhelmingly positive feedback, how long would it be before I can drop my Remmy 700 short action in one.  Well, hopefully his answer is accurate because if all goes we could be seeing AICS stocks in Multicam by Summer.  For me, its like asking, how long did it take to figure out that peanut butter goes with jelly?  It just seems like a natural combination.

Check out the pictures below then vote in the poll.

ACIS in Suitcase

Multicam Sniper rifle

Multicam 700 stock

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