MPA57sst-ATACS Defender

MPA57sst-ATACS Defender

When a press release comes to us, and it’s something interesting enough to share, we do so. Sometimes I’ll just put up the press release as it’s sent to us. Other times I’ll do my own write up and include important bits of information. For this one I’m going to post the press release first and then comment on it.

Press Release:

MasterPiece Arms Introduces New MPA57sst-ATACS Defender Semi-Auto

Carrollton, GA (July 2012) – MasterPiece Arms, manufactures of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto submachine pistols and carbines, is pleased to introduce the new MPA57sst-ATACS Defender semi-auto. Based on the successful, standard MAC design, the new MPA57sst-ATACS is available in a 5-inch fixed barrel pistol with A-TACS hydrographic coating. Available in 5.7x28mm with 20-round magazines standard, the MPA57sst-ATACS features a threaded barrel with ½ x 28 threads making it suppressor ready.

The MPA57sst-ATACS Defender Semi-Auto will come with adjustable sights, a side-cocker, scope mount and muzzle break and features all the accuracy, low recoil and performance expected from the Masterpiece Arms Defender series. MSRP will be $659.99.



My Thoughts:
Let me start by saying I’ve only seen what was shared above relating to this gun. I’ve never seen, held, or fired one in person.

With an MSRP of a penny under $660 this gun doesn’t look like something I would envision from a company with “masterpiece” in their name. The lines of this firearm are far from beautiful. The trigger guard doesn’t attach to the grip, which looks cheap to me. It looks like they skimped on the texturing for the grip, furthering the look of something not well thought out. The cocking mechanism is located on the left side of the gun, which effectively eliminates all lefties from being able to easily handle their firearm.

When I buy I firearm I’m looking for value. At the price they’re asking I do not see value in comparison to other $660 firearms. Am I just too caught up on the looks of this gun? What are your thoughts?

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Vortex Guns

Vortex Guns

I was browsing the web and came across this little gem.


Now besides being a cool party trick, there are other more advanced practical applications for a real vortex gun; welcome to the future.

Battelle has filed a patent for their vortex gun that fires electrically charged gas rings at up to 90 mph and 60 mph over a distance of 150 feet. Ok, sounds cool, but where is the “practical” in that?

The practical application will be in clearing smoke filled hallways for fire fighters (the smoke is attracted to the electrical charge) and crowd dispersal for police (tear gas).


Now after seeing the above video, who else is going to make a vortex “cannon” for use at their next party?

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Advanced Armament’s Honey Badger

AAC Rifle

AAC (Advanced Armament Corp.) needs to change that “C” from Corp. to Concepts because they keep teasing us with these concept guns they’re producing.  AAC posted yesterday their newest creation–the Honey Badger.

This thing looks ridiculously cool with all things AAC.  According to the, the Honey Badger was designed as a replacement for the MP5SD except that it shoots AAC’s proprietary round, the 300Blackout.  I tried getting some specifics today from AAC but since they’re not sure if its going to go to retail, they’re pretty tight lipped (hopefully we can convince them to send us some pictures).  But judging from the pictures, its built off an AR-15 platform with some very nice changes.  The Buttstock looks particularly appealing along with the handguards that resemble somewhat the Remington’s RGP handguards.  Also, who could miss that massive can–which makes me wonder if its integrally suppressed? The only thing this thing is missing to make it more AAC is a complete Argyle paint job to match Mer’s sweaters.

Well judging from the cool stuff AAC has been putting out lately it seems that being part of Freedom Group has its advantages.  I find it ironic that they’ve named their newest toy the Honey Badger, because AAC, just like the honey badger, just doesn’t give a $h!t, and they’re probably going to keep putting out sick stuff like this.  We’ll keep you updated with specs and pics if we ever get them.

AAC Honey Badger pics

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Remington Versa Max Tactical

Versa Max Tactical Pics

Remington is going to release their newest auto-loading semi-automatic shotgun, the Versamax, in a tactical flavor.  The Remington Versa Max uses a specially designed gas system with multiple ports which open and close depending on which type of shotshell load is in the chamber–this allows the shooter to load a variety of different ammunition; you can see how it functions here.  So having a tactical version will probably be a welcomed addition to those shooters who are not interested in the hunting variety of Versa Maxes currently available and are more geared towards the tactical side of shooting.

From the pic, it looks like all Remington really did was add on a magazine tube extension, a picatinny rail for mounting a flashlight similar to whats on the Remington 887, and the same tactical muzzle brake.   The barrel looks quite long for a tactical shotgun; it looks to be about 21″ with that muzzle brake. Personally, I would of like to see (and hope Remington adds on for a final release) is an 18″ barrel, or if they’re going to keep the longer length then add longer magazine tube, plus a picatinny rail up top for adding on small red dot sight, and some ghost ring sights.  A ported barrel would be a nice addition as well (Vang Comp anyone?).  No word on price but if I was forced to speculate, I would have to put the price around $1500-1600 (about 200 more than a versamax synthetic, which would put it in the high end range of the Benelli M3, M4 area.  If it can cycle any load I put through in it, the Versa Max tactical may just be worth it.

Versamax Tactical Review

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