New Ruger SR22 Pistol

New Ruger SR22 Pistol

Ruger SR22 Pics

Ruger is rolling out a new .22 lr semi-automatic pistol named the SR22.  Even though it has the SR moniker on it, the SR22 has some significant differences from its bigger brothers.

I would of thought that the SR22 would just be a 22 chambered SR, but it’s not.  The  controls are different as you can see from the pic and its quite smaller in size.     Also, it has an external hammer and it’s a double-single action as opposed to striker fired.  Some other features of the SR22 pistol include an adjustable sighting system, picatinny rail for tacti-coolness, and interchangeable rubber grips. The SR22 has a 3.5″ barrel, weighs just 17.5 ounces, and comes with a 10 round magazine.

At first glance, for a half second or so, the SR22 reminds me of another .22 pistol, the Walther P22.  The lines seem similar for me.  If the SR22 can function reliably (.22 LR automatic pistols can be finicky), then I’m sure Ruger has a winner on its hands.  Personally, I’ll wait until they have a threaded barrel model–shooting a silenced .22 is just plain fun.  You should see the SR22 very soon at your gun store for a price around $400.


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Company Overview: Strike Industries

Company Overview:  Strike Industries

Strike Industries reached out to about a few months and sent us a sample of their polymer products for us to take a look at.  We were lucky enough to receive a set of their 1911 grips, an iPhone cover,  and a non-polymer product, their pyramid angled rail adapter.  Well after playing with them for a while, its time to tell you guys (and girls) what we think, and why I’m not sending the 1911 grips back to them.

Ok, we know, there is a plethora of polymer gun products out there, and you’re probably asking what makes Strike Industries stand out.  For us, two things always grab our attention for any product–First it’s quality, second price.  The quality of the polymer used for Strike Industry’s products seems to be first rate.  They’re extremely rigid and can stand up to a significant amount of heat while still maintaining their durability; check out the video below to see an example of this durability.  Second the price is deceiving, I would expect a lesser quality product at the low price point Strike Industries offers.

Strike Industries is a homegrown company made up of hobbyists and gun enthusiasts who wanted to offer a different type of polymer, so they developed their own.  They believe what sets their polymer apart from others is the process in which they construct it–they directly inject the fibers into the polymer rather than mixing it or layering it.  They claim that the process is cheaper and produces a result that has a similar rigidity as the polymer used in popular 1911 G10 grips.  From my short time of handling their products, seeing the prices on their website, and viewing the videos, I see myself becoming a quick believer of their claims.  Take a look below to see what they sent us to play with.

Yes, of course, there has to be a tactical iPhone case if you make polymer, and Strike Industries is no exception.  Their iPhone case is a little different though; the tactical loop makes pulling it out of a mollle pouch and taking a quick phone call in between reloads a tad bit easier.  No, but seriously, if you do keep your phone in a molle pouch of some kind, or some deep pockets, it is quite handy.  The hexagonal engraving on the back looks pretty sweet too.  The phone also has complete functionality with all the buttons and camera functions.


The one non-polymer product they sent us was their Pyramid Angled Rail Adapter.  At first, it thought it was quite peculiar, but I could see a few rifle owners really liking this item.  It allows a user to mount a grip at a 17 degree angle either forward (for an AK style foregrip) or reward (for a MK43 style grip).  Although its main purpose is attaching grips at an angle, almost any picatinny accessory you wish to be at a 17 degree angle could be attached to it.

And now my absolute favorite accessory Strike Industries sent us, their 1911 grips.  When first contacted by Strike Industries, I checked out their website and looked at the grips.  I saw the price tag of 16 bucks and was expecting to get some sort of glorified gun show special grips.  Well, I was wrong, and I’m glad I was wrong.  The golf ball dimple grips they sent fit my 1911 full size perfectly, and more importantly, they felt spectacular when gripping it.  Their a little thicker than my other grips (not by very much), but I prefer the slight thickness since I have larger hands.  The only thing that over shines the quality of the polymer is the look the grips give my 1911–personally, I love it, and they’re staying on.

You can purchase the products shown here and see what else Strike Industries has to offer over at their website.  Their  products, particularly their 1911 grips, left an impression on me, and I’m anxious to see what they roll out with in the future (hint hint, high capacity magazines for the AR-15).


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Gamble Tactical LA Holsters

Gamble Tactical LA Holsters

Game TActical Holster Pics

A problem with having tactical accessories on your pistol is finding a holster that can accommodate it.  There are companies that make them, but prices are usually expensive and wait times are usually long.  Also, sometimes you’ll have to get a custom holster made to accommodate your specific setup.  One company is trying to help compact Glock owners make it easier to find a holster with their new LA Tactical Holster.

Gamble Tactical’s LA Tactical holster has a unique design that will allow an owner attach almost any light/laser to their Glock compact.  As you can see from the pictures, the complete underside of the holster is pretty much cut away, leaving it open.  The pistol is actually held in by a 3 point retention system–a small column that goes into the muzzle, an polymer strap that’s formed around where the backstrap meets the slide, and the areas around the triggerguard/frame.  The pistol is released when grabbing it; the top of your hand moves the strap which releases the gun from the holster.

Gamble Tactical’s holster is constructed from a glass reinforced nylon and can host a variety of belt clips.  The holster is also adjustable so it can provide specific cant that an owner may want.

Glock holster for bayonett

The design of the LA Holster has an obvious advantage–it provides a holster for those wanting to put accessories on their Glock 19 or 23.  However, from looking at the video below, it seems that it forces somewhat of a non traditional draw.  You have to come back a little bit then up, rather just just straight up as with most of the holsters currently on the market now.  But unlike most other holsters, you can’t attach any accessory you want, and/or switch out that accessory and still use the same holster. With a little training and some time getting used to it, I’m sure the unorthodox draw wouldn’t be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Hopefully, Gamble Tactical will be offering their new innovative holster for more models of Glocks or even different manufacturers of pistols.  I’m sure there’s a market for the same type of holster that could accommodate other striker fired pistols such as the S&W M&Ps and the Springfield XDs (it would be difficult to make a similar holster for pistols with an external hammer such as a Sig P226).

For a light bearing holster, the price seems very reasonable at only 30 bucks and is available at the



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New Bersa BP Concealed Carry 9mm

Bersa BP9CC

Bersa is offering a new concealed carry pistol next year named the BP9CC.  Bersa’s new pistol’s style differs somewhat from their current lineup.  First it has less of that PPS type of look with squarer lines, and second it’s striker fired which leaves it without an external hammer.  From the looks of the picture, the Bersa BP9CC has some rough texture spots on the frame, a serrated slide towards the back and a picatinny rail for attaching a tactical light.  The front sights are of a SIG SAUER type and the rear are an interchangeable Glock type making it easier for owners to put in aftermarket sights.  The BP9CC isn’t exactly a pocket pistol being that its total length is 6.35 inches, but is still small enough to be a comfortable concealed carry gun.  the Bersa BP9CC will come in two finishes; the Matte Black will retail for $429 and the Duotone will be $440.

Bersa BP CC 9mm Specifications:

Model:                       BP9CC

Caliber:                      9mm

Action:                       Short reset DAO

Capacity:                   8+1

Barrel Length:         3.3”

Weight:                     21.5 oz.

Length:                      6.35”

Height:                      4.8”

Width:                       .94”

Frame Material:      Hi Impact Polymer

Slide Material:         Stainless Steel

Sights:                        Front-Interchangeable SIG SAUER type

Rear – Interchangeable GLOCK type

Finish:                        Matte Black or Duotone

MSRP:                        $429.00 Matte Black

$440.00 Duotone


Bersa BP9CC pics

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Sig Sauer 1911 Fastback Nightmare

Check out Sig’s latest 1911, the Fastback Nightmare.  Sig has been producing a bunch of different 1911s this year from the 1911 TACOPS, the 1911 TACPAC, the Scorpion and now the Fastback Nightmare.  What makes the Fastback Nightmare different is that it features a rounded mainspring housing similar to the Kimber Super Carry.  Other features of the Sig 1911 Fastback Nightmare are low profile night sights and some custom double diamond G10 grips.  No word on price yet but my estimate would be from the $1100-1300 range.

Big thanks to for the specs and pics.

1911 NightmareSig 1911 Nightmare holster


  • Caliber .45 ACP
  • Overall Length 8.7 in
  • Overall Height 5.5 in
  • Overall Width 1.4 in
  • Barrel Length 5.0 in
  • Sight Radius 6.5 in
  • Sights Low Profile Night Sights
  • Weight w/Magazine 41.6 oz
  • Frame Material Stainless
  • Frame Finish Nitron®
  • Slide Material Stainless
  • Slide Finish Nitron®
  • Magazine Capacity 8 Rounds
  • Trigger SAO
  • Trigger Pull SAO 5.0 lbs
  • Features Rounded Frame and Main Spring Housing, Double Diamond G10 Grips, Beavertail Grip Safety
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Masterpiece Arms Silencer and Contest

MPA .22LR Silencer

Masterpiece Arms (MPA), famous for their Defender line of pistols and rifles (think MAC-10), are will be selling a suppressor (silencer) for the .22lr.  No word on specs or price yet but I’m sure it’ll keep those .22 lr pistols and rifles quiet.  The coolest thing about MPA’s release of their new .22 lr suppressor is that there going to let the public name it.  There’s a contest going on right now in which the person who’s name submission MPA uses will get a free MPA .22 silencer.  Click past the break after the picture for the full rules and how to enter.

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