Centurion 39 Rifle and Centurion 39 Pistol

C39 Pistol Ak-47 Review

Chances are, if you’ve seen an AK in America, it was a WASR by Century Arms.  Due to their low price, they’ve become very popular.  The WASRs are reconstructed AK-47s whose parts are imported from Romania and assembled  in the United States, but now Century Arms is going to be offering 100% American Ak-47s (…oxymoron?).

The new Centurion 39 Ak-47s‘  completely 100% American made from Ak-47 parts made in the USA, unlike previous AK-47s.  Century Arm‘s new AK-47s feature an improved ergonomic pistol grip, proprietary handguard with picatinny rails, polymer furniture, and will accept all AK-47 magazines.  The Centurion 39 rifle has a longer buttstock to aid in shooting ergonomics, and feature a h igh viz front sight.  The C39 Rifle will also sport a 16.5″ barrel with a 1:10 twist, an overall length of 37.25″,  weighs 8.2 lbs unloaded, and will come with two US made magazines.

The Centurion 39 pistol has the most notable features that differ from a traditional Ak-47.  The pistol version has a “shark fin” front sight which will lessen that height over bore of the C39 pistol.  The other big difference comes at the business end of the Centurion 39 Pistol, the muzzle break.  It sharply resembles an A2 birdcage flash hider of a standard AR-15.  The Century Arms Centurion 39 Pistol features an 11.375″ barrel, weighs 5.4 lbs unloaded, and has an overall length of 21.375 inches and will have both a rear and front sling swivel.  The  C39 Ak-47 pistol comes with two 30 round US made magazines and a gun case.  Expect these two new Century Arms  C39 Ak-47s to be out soon.

C39 Pistol Ak-47

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Colt New Agent for 2011

At SHOT SHOW this year, I got a chance to handle the new Colt New Agent.   The New Agent has been out for a while, but this year Colt is expanding the line.  The pocket pistol now comes in three variates–a .45 ACP Single Action, a 9mm Single Action and a .45 ACP double action only.

Each model features a 3″ barrel, a snag free design, a skeletonized aluminum trigger and a compact overall length of only 6 3/4″.  All these features make it an ideal concealed carry pistol.  Along with offering a DAO model, Colt is also offering XS Big Dot Sights on their New Agents for 2011.

The XS Big Dot Sights are my favorite type of sights for my concealed carry pistols.  The big dot is extremely easy to pick up.  For a suitable sight picture, one only needs to “dot the i;”  just align the big dot front sight in the center of the “v” shaped rear sight, which has a white line down the center.

NOTE: Do not hold a gun like this. The XS rep held it like this just for the photo, the gun was unloaded; however, it is still dangerous to hold a firearm like this!!!

At the SHOT SHOW range day, I was able to test out Colt’s 2011  New Agent and I was impressed with it for the 20 or so rounds I got with the pistol.  Recoil wasn’t as bad as I would expect from a .45 coming out of a 3″ inch barrel and the XS Big Dot Sight combined with the minuscule sight radius of the Colt New Agent made getting a good sight picture a breeze.  Check below for a quick video of me trying out the Colt New Agent at the SHOT SHOW range day.

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Review: ZCORR Vapor Barrier Firearm and Ammo Bags

The number one enemy of any firearm or ammunition is corrosion.  Many shooters turn into firearm collectors, and many firearm collectors know the importance of two things–keep moisture out and keep the guns lubed.  ZCORR has been making a product that was designed to do/maintain these two things exceptionally well; so well in fact that their products previously were only available for the United States Marine Core.  Luckily for us, they’ve opened their product line to civilians, and Gunblog.com is ready to tell you about our experiences using the ZCORR Vapor Barrier firearm and ammunition storage bags.

ZCORR Vapor Barrier bags keep moisture out and preserve its contents within by utilizing a Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI).  Basically, in a nutshell, there is a layer of VpCI inside of the bag, and over time, the VpCI forms a gas which molecules cling to the metallic contents of the bags forming a protective barrier against corrosives.  Once the bag’s seal is broken so is the VpCI seal around the firearm or ammunition, making it immediately available for use.

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Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk by Richard Henie

Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk

At SHOT this year, I was lucky enough to meet a living legend in the industry, Richard Heinie.  If that last name sounds familiar, it should; Richard Heinie is a renowned gunsmith responsible for some of the best gun sights ever created.  Many pistol shooters swear by his sights, and Nighthawk Custom swears by his designs that they implement on almost every 1911 they produce, such as their new “Lady Hawk” that they’ll be releasing this year.

Craig Gholson (CEO of Nighthawk Custom), Chris Costa (Magpul Dynamics President), and Richard Heinie (industry legend and Nighthawk Custom Consultant) @ SHOT 2011

First off, it was real treat being able to spend the limited amount of time with Richard talking about his various projects.  The project he seemed most proud of, and with good reason, was the Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk.  The Lady Hawk was a real beauty of a 1911, I mean all 1911s are beautiful in their own right, but some of the features on the Lady Hawk really stand out.  As the name implies, the Lady Hawk is tailored towards women shooters (a demographic that is growing as fast as the industry itself).

Ironically, the main design feature Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk was inspired by Richard Heinie‘s own shooting ergonomics.  The new 1911 brainchild of Heinie features a slimmed down and shortened grip making it a little easier for smaller hands to handle.   The Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk also features Heinie’s Logo on the rear of the rear of the slide, match everything, a handsome skeletal trigger, and of course some Heinie night sights.  The one feature that blew me away though would have to be the barrel–it’s custom fluted to not only make it look cool, but stay cool.  Even though I’m sporting a pair of banana hands, I would still love to get my grips around this pistol.

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Crimson Trace Laserguards for P238

The new concealed carry movement has pushed sales of super-micro-sub-compact pistols which have been the best selling firearms for the last 2 years.  Crimson Trace has been making a new line of laser sights for these palm sized pistols called Laserguard, and the newest addition to that line is the Laserguard for the Sig Sauer P238.  Since many of these concealed carry movement gun owners are first time gun owners, and owning a gun only for protection, a reliable laser sight could serve as a great accessory for their new size-doesn’t-matter pistol.

One thing is for sure about laser sights, they are intimidating.  Nothing works faster than a laxative like having your forehead painted with a laser attached to the business end of a firearm.  The new Laserguard laser sights from Crimson Trace could serve this new community of shooters rather well; it’ll dramatically increase their accuracy being that they haven’t been shooting for years, and it’ll give them more confidence to carry.  However, no matter how many do-dads you’ve put on  your firearm, nothing will increase accuracy like mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Personally, I find lasers to be somewhat distracting–that laser bouncing up almost takes away too much of my concentration from the sight picture and I find that using standard iron sights on a pistol is just faster for me.

Anyway, the new Crimson Trace P238 Laserguard seems like a top notch laser sight being that the dot size is a mere .5″ at 50 feet and it’s a 633nm class IIIa laser–which is the maximum output allowable by federal law for civilian lasers.  The laser is activated as soon as you grab the pistol by a pressure pad on directly underneath the trigger guard on the grip. The Laserguard is adjustable both windage and elevation and comes with a 3 year warranty.

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Roni Civilian Carbine Conversion

Roni 16" barrel

Along with expanding their RONI pistol-carbine conversion kits to include more handgun models such as Sig Sauers, Berretas, and Smith and Wessons, CAA is going to finally offer a RONI that you won’t need a tax stamp to operate.  CAA is releasing a RONI pistol-carbine conversion kit with a 16″ barrel, so all those people reluctant to purchase a carbine conversion for their pistol due to that 200 dollar tax stamp and wait time can finally put those reservations away.  CAA has really expanded the RONI line to include almost all popular handgun models and they’ve also expanded their color options, and finally, they expanded the barrel making it easier to own.

I got to shoot the standard SBR RONI with a Glock 17 at SHOT a few weeks back and I was quite surprised with how easy it is to convert (takes a whole 45 seconds), and it was just as easy to operate.  I suspect a lot more people jumping on this since it’ll be easier to obtain without the fiscal and opportunity costs involved with CAA’s NFA version of the RONI.  Expect the new civilian RONI to be out sometime mid 2011.

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