Magpul Dynamics Driving Video ?

Chris Costa Driving Video

They started off with Art of the Tactical Carbine, then naturally followed that up with a hit sequel Art of the Tactical Carbine II.  After that, Magpul Dynamics put out Art of the Dynamic Handgun and Art of the Dynamic Shotgun.  So, you would think they would be done with their soon to be released Art of the Precision Rifle–well, not so fast, or very fast depending on how you look at it.

If you’ve been paying attention to Magpul’s facebook and blog, you’ll see that they’ve been working on vehicles for quite a while.  They actually have a facebook page called Magpul Heavy, which they showcase some of the vehicles they’ve been playing with.  At SHOT SHOW ’10, some attendees at internet viewers could have seen Magpul’s Unimog, which  perfectly epitomizes Magpul in a vehicle.  Also, Magpul just came back from Europe, where they were competing in the Breslau Rallye with one of their modified Unimogs.  So why would Magpul be dumping all this money into vehicles; I doubt they’re about to release Unimogs or even their motorcycle, the Ronin, anytime soon.  Plus, that’s not really the Magpul family’s style.  Magpul usually tests, tests, and then test their product some more then Magpul Dynamics will tease us with shots of the products in their videos (take a look at Art of the Tactical Carbine II and you’ll spot the Masada, aka ACR, and some other products they released after the video).  So the only thing left since they’ve ran out of gun platforms to instruct on, would be a platform that all shooters universally utilize in one way or another–a vehicle.

Magpul Unimog

“Oh Gunblog, you’re just speculating.” Are we?  I will say, I have unofficial confirmation that they have definitely shot footage for this upcoming video.  From who?  Well, lets just say if there was a horse’s mouth, his bearded one would be it.  We were asked not to release this info at the time it was given to us, since it was in casual conversation; however, with repeated emails going unanswered asking if we can release the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video news has lead us to believe they won’t mind.

Magpul Truck

When asked about the Dynamic Driving Video our source had some very interesting things to say such as, “We rented a Cadillac CTS and by the end of an afternoon of shooting, the tires on that thing were completely bald; the car rental company is definitely going to have to buy new tires for it.  We had it screeching the whole way around the track.”  I asked if there was anything about guns in the video, and sadly I don’t believe there will be.  If the video is fully produced and released, it’ll probably focus more on defense driving, and military driving techniques such as evasive driving and driving in combat conditions.  Expect it to be like Magpul’s Arial Platform video, but with less gun play and less for a military niche market and more applicable to a broader base since everyone drives.

Magpul Motorcycle

Hopefully, we don’t get in too much trouble for releasing this info, being that it hasn’t been confirmed (I would hate for the last words I hear to be, “BUST ‘EM!!!).  The only thing that we know for sure is that they’ve shot footage, no word on if or when the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video will be released, but it would be completely awesome to see Chris Costa drifting around in a CTS.


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Sig Sauer bringing 551 to the USA

Sig 551 USA

For all those who were waiting, Sig Sauer is going to be finally making the 551 in the United States.  The new US Sig 551 will be chambered in 5.56, has a solid billet lower, comes with a Swiss folding stock and will include a 20 round and 30 round translucent Swiss magazine.  It looks like an exact replica of their Swiss made 551 with the same finish and rotary sighting system.  No word on pricing yet, but expect it to be a little bit more than their Sig 556 rifles which are around the $1,100-$1,300 depending on the model.  The Sig 551 should be hitting the shelves here in about 2 weeks.  If you would like to see a video of the Sig 551 by NRA’s American Rifleman, check out our facebook page (and go ahead and like us while you’re at it).

Sig 551 Review

Sig 551 pics

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Saiga 12 Price being Reduced…

The firearms market is a very sensitive and reactionary market with sometimes politics being the price driving motivator.  When the ATF proposed a ban on all non sporting shotguns (a proposal that was as vague as it is unnecessary), the demand for popular Saiga 12 shotguns soared through the roof.  I immediately started seeing local gun shops upping their price in anticipation of not being able to sell Saiga shotguns anymore.  Well despite these fears, Century Arms is lowering their price on Saiga 12 shotguns and offering free shipping to dealers–so in short, if you see a stock Saiga 12 at your local gunshop for an outrageous price, and the seller cites the possible ban or shortage of shotguns for the sticker shock price, you might not want to believe their hype since they’re getting them cheaper than they were before.



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LWRC sues Sig Sauer

LWRC has a bone to pick with Sig Sauer; they’ve filed a lawsuit against Sig over the SIG516 rifle.  LWRC holds a patent on a “Self-cleaning gas operating system for a firearm,” and they’re claiming that Sig Sauer’s 516 is a direct infringement on this patent.  The lawsuit filed by LWRC (which can be viewed here) seeks financial damages to include interest and costs; the amount is unspecified.

I’ve never used or broken down LWRC’s or Sig’s rifles… yet… however I’ve handled them at SHOT, which didn’t tell me anything about the internals. So, I honestly don’t know how this will play out.  From my naive legal perspective, a “self cleaning gas operating system for a firearm” isn’t exactly a new concept being that there are plenty of rifles that use similar systems.  However, LWRC’s legal counsel obviously believes that Sig Sauer’s gas system on their SIG516 Patrol and Precision Marksman models, as stated in the suit, are using the exact same gas system.  It’ll be interesting on how this plays out, and we at will be sure to keep you guys posted.


Sig Sauer's 516 Patrol Rifle





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